Sunday 20 March 2022

Slowenya - Synchronized (Single Review) & Details About Upcoming New Album MEADOW

The Lowdown

Slowenya is a heavily down-tuned, ambient influenced, modern alt doom metal trio formed in Turku, the west cost of Finland in the spring of 2020.

Guitarist / singer / song writer Jan says: ”We strongly believe in our music and feel that it is unique in our own genre. Slowenya’s goal is to make the heaviest and most beautiful music out there. The message is emphasized and deepened with graphic / visual expression.”

Before Slowenya was born, guitarist / singer Jan Trygg and drummer Timo Niskala played in the doom / death metal band Morbid Evils (2014-2018) and toured Europe together with Voivod (CAN) and Entombed A.D. (SE). In Finland, they shared the stage with bands such as Eyehategod (US) and Primitive Man (US) and performed at their country's largest metal festival, Tuska Open Air 2015.

In early 2021, Slowenya debuted with their mini-album “Somer”. Later this year they released song pair “Exhaler / Be Empowering”.

Both of these recordings have been released through the indie record company Karhuvaltio Records. The main domestic music media (Rumba & Inferno) have also strongly supported both releases in their print and online media. In America the debut was premiered via Weedian´s facebook (145k followers) and Youtube channel.

With a strong artistic vision, Slowenya is self-sufficient in cover art, graphic design, music videos and live visuals.


Jan Trygg - guitar/vocals/visuals & photography
Timo Niskala - drums/ambient/samples
Tapani Levanto - bass/backing vocals


Alternative Post-Rock/Post-Doom Metallers Slowenya are returning with a new single Synchronized on March 25th 2022 via Karhuvaltio Records. Their new album Meadow will be released on 22nd April 2022 via Karhuvaltio Records as well.

I was given the opportunity to listen to the new song Synchronized recently and I must say the guys have upped their creative game from their fantastic debut album Somer that they released back in March 2021. You can read my review here.

Slowenya play a brooding and slow-paced style of Post-Rock/Post-Doom with the band even moving into heavier Sludge based layers of heaviness. There's also been an element of Distortion to the band but Synchronized feels like the band have adapted another creative persona especially with the David Bowie influenced vocals and rhythms that accompany the song. Add a "NIN" industrial flow then Slowenya play a more mature style of music compared to their debut album.

This all bodes well for Synchronized and I will be waiting to review that album when I have the chance to. 

If you're looking for Heavy Distorted Post-Rock/Doom Metal grooves that veer on the edge of Ambient Rock, Industrial Rock and even Post-Goth vibes then Slowenya could be more of an interesting listen on their second album. The lyrics have a gloomy conscience to them with the slow-pounding music becoming distinctively heavier along the way. 

This is a stunning single to release the album with and it will be great to see what Slowenya have planned for Meadow. 

Words by Steve Howe