Wednesday 30 March 2022

Troy The Band - The Blissful Unknown (EP Review)


Release Date: April 08th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

The Blissful Unknown - Tracklisting

I Wage A War

Less Than Nothing


The Blissful Unknown


The Blissful Unknown is the debut EP from UK Stoner Metallers Troy The Band. Their EP has many similarities with bands such as Mars Red Sky, Acid Magus and Uncle Acid with Troy The Band employing a more "StonerGaze" or "DoomGaze" style of grooves. The music flirts between 80's/90's Shoegaze and modern sounding Psych Doom/Stoner Metal with an extra layer of DISTORTED FUZZ that helps elevate their overall sound to something quite surprising and original in places.

Opening Song I Wage A War offers over three minutes of Mars Red Sky inspired Doom/Stoner Rock with Troy The Band bringing their "StonerGaze" style of music into play. The music is quite aggressive, psychedelic and downright catchy with the Psych based vocals matching the grooves beat for beat. The song is quite progressive and moves solely into the "Doom" atmosphere side of life with gloomy riffs showing a band not afraid to mix things up a bit which you can tell from the lyrics written for the song.

Second song Less Than Nothing is a more Progressive style of song with Troy The Band adapting a Doom Metal flow for the song. The seedy Fuzz/Stoner Metal attitude of the song is what you would expect to hear from the Swedish Doom/Stoner Metal scene not from the UK scene. Echoes of Doomed Out Grooves allows the band to play some fantastic trippy guitar solos within the first few moments of the track. This second half of the song sees Troy The Band adapting a more traditional "Shoegaze" feel whilst still maintaining the "Sabbathian '' template of Doom/Stoner Metal. The lyrics even have an 80s Alternative Rock flow and all positively build up for perhaps the standout track on the EP. The band covers a lot of ground here within the almost eight and half minute runtime of the track.

Third song Michael is another lengthy slice of Distorted Doom/Stoner Metal with perhaps some indications of Sludgy sounds wanting to join the party. The track allows Troy The Band to show off their musical skills with some mighty fine trippy bass solos before moving back into the 80s Alt Rock arena. There's many different areas of music being played on this EP but this track is the best indication of what the band fully deliver. As they play a more slowed down and stripped back style of music here which you can really admire and appreciate. The grooves are quite seedy whilst being ever so more hopeful. The soulful Blues Rock attitude is a very nice touch as well. 

The final song, The Blissful Unknown is another relentless "Shoegaze" style of Doom, Fuzz and Stoner Metal with a more way out approach with the band adding a "Drone" based atmosphere to the EP. The song is slow paced but the Psychedelic Freakouts and Distorted Grooves may take cues from early era Elephant Tree. However, there is that wonderful and eerie vibe from the lyrics and vocals that allows Troy The Band to fully stand on their own creative musical vision. 

The Blissful Unknown is quite a surreal release but one that holds the listeners attention from start to finish. Excellent production values also help Troy The Band to deliver one of the strongest and wonderfully entertaining debut releases from the UK Doom/Stoner Metal scene I've heard in quite some time.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Troy The Band for the promo. 

The Blissful Unknown will be available to buy on DD from April 08th 2022


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