Sunday 6 March 2022

Lords Of Form - Flying Chromium Society (Album Review)

Release Date: February 11th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Flying Chromium Society - Tracklisting

1.Your Last Call 02:45

2.It's Revolution Time 04:48

3.Low Orbit 01:29

4.A Winters Bride 05:57

5.Tribes Collide 03:58

6.Little Victories 07:12

7.Anomalies 05:57

8.Flying Chromium Society 07:01

9.This Dying World 05:41

10.The Electric White Highway 04:10


Niall Hone


Flying Chromium Society is the debut album from Psychedelic Rock/Space Rock outfit Lords Of Form which is overseen by Niall Hone (ex-member of Hawkwind) who has branched on his own with this wonderfully weird and trippy new release. Comparisons to Hawkwind are always going to be inevitable for this record but Lords Of Form do follow the same psychedelic path as the legendary band but perhaps with more creative flair in my humble opinion.

The album is wonderfully psychedelic and weird with Niall helped along this journey with some creative pals sharing the same Space Rock vision. The 10 songs on offer here are quite varied with glitches, ambient noises and various trippy sound-clips. 

Opening song Your Last Call is a psychedelic instrumental track with multiple layers of different noises that have a certain Electronica based sound to it.

Things move up a gear on the excellent second song It’s Revolution Time that matches Monster Magnet early Psychedelic vibes with an almost NIN industrial swagger holding everything together. The song is very fast-paced and the Space Rock influence is quite dark and twisted with Niall’s vocals and hard-hitting lyrics.

Third song Low Orbit is another instrumental track with Lords Of Form showcasing their wild unpredictable nature with a more Post-Rock style drive. There’s an industrial vibe starting to appear before the record transforms into a soulful and almost “POP” feeling. Very different to the opening two songs and shows that Lords Of Form are very hard to pigeon hole as a band.

Fourth song A Winters Bride opens the album to the dark side of Psychedelic Spaced Out Rock with waves of gloomy music with a beautifully played piano being the main focus and an almost “Techno” sound being heard on some instances of the track. This could be classed as a Love Song for the album but Niall veers the song into more emotional Psych Rock/Post-Rock territory.

Lords Of Form continue with their dynamic musical creativity with the record one again defying Space Rock tradition by merging the Industrial sounds into a more convincing style of music especially on songs such as: Tribes Collide, Flying Chromium Society, The Dying World and The Electric White Highway.

Those tracks are my favourite parts of the album with Lords Of Form once again moving away from the boundaries of Psych Rock/Space Rock with ideas you wouldn’t expect work so well together. The production is wonderfully offbeat and multi-layered allowing Lords Of Form to create their own exciting blend of music.

All in all, Flying Chromium Society is a must for fans of Psych Rock, Space Rock and devotees of Hawkwind with Lords Of Form having more than enough wild, crazy and original ideas of their own.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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