Saturday 19 March 2022

Am Samstag - Dualism (Album Review)

Release Date: March 18th 2022. Record Label: Black Market Music / Urgence Disk Records Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Dualism - Tracklisting

1. Pills And Wine (4:50) 

2. Burn Notre Dame Burn (2:48) 

3. Meatballs (3:09) 

4. Hardly Wait (3:24)

5. Til Death Do Us Part (1:55) 

6. Auf Wiedersehen (4:18) 

7. Miss Butch (2:50) 

8. Susie Q (3:33) 

9. Do You Wanna Have Fun? (3:32)

10. You Make Me Feel (4:50) 

11. Sheep (1:29) 

12. Church (3:34)

13. Algos (2:36)


Stephane Grand - Bass

Baptiste Maie - Drums

Gabriela Varela - Vocals/Guitar


Dualism is the new album from Punk/Grunge Rockers Am Samstag and it’s an album that has a deep love and appreciation for Nirvana especially in the first few songs. That feeling goes on through the whole album but it’s good to see they have Grunge pioneer Jack Endino on board to help them produce this album. The album does have it’s fair share of groovy Psychedelic, Metal and Pop based hooks with a Punk Rock attitude.

The album is maybe slightly too long with thirteen songs on the record. However, there’s an addictive and easygoing attitude to Am Samstag that allows the album to stay wildly adventurous especially on songs such as: Pills And Wine, Burn Notre Dame Down, Auf Wiedersehen, You Make Me Feel, Church and Algos being the best parts of the album.

Extra points goes to the band for including the track Hardly Wait that I first heard on the classic cult film Strange Days OST which was sung by Juliette Lewis. Though this was originally an unreleased PJ Harvey song from the 1993 4-Track Demos release. This version is a more aggressive version but more grungier as well with some fantastic “Pop” based moments. 

The vocals and thumping bass lines are right out of the Nirvana Rulebook but add Weezer-esque guitar sounds with a little hint of Punk Rock Rebellious Melody allow this album to sound refreshingly different as well.

Dualism is catchy as hell with some delicious modern day pop sounds.

Overall, Dualism is an adrenaline rush of superbly paced tracks that delivers the goods especially if you’re an old-school Grunge or Nirvana fan though moved along by fantastic Punk Rock sensibility.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy Dualism now on CD/DD/Vinyl via this link


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