Friday 18 March 2022

Evert Snyman & The Aviary share the 2nd single and video from upcoming album.

Johannesburg based genre chameleons Evert Snyman & The Aviary share the 2nd single and video from upcoming album.

South Africa’s Evert Snyman has launched and collaborated on various projects over the years, cementing himself as a versatile multi-instrumentalist and producer. I Never Listen When You Speak is the second single from his upcoming album Pruning In The Dark, out on the 1st April 2022 via Mongrel Records.

The new album is the first to feature his entire band, The Aviary as well as a wealth of special guests, all members of celebrated South African stoner/ fuzz / psych bands including Caution Boy, Ruff Majik, KMOD and The Tazers.


“I wrote the track with Tim Edwards the morning before we recorded it. For change I wrote the more conventional bits and Tim wrote the weirder bits. It was at the end of 2020, so no one wanted to go on holiday because of yet another Covid wave. Casey Bliss and Brendon Bez did a great job on the bass and guitar respectively. This track was all recorded at the same time except for the vocals which I overdubbed the next day.” Explains Evert, he goes on the add, “The song is about how no one has an attention span today and they're constantly glued to their phones. It's also about being frustrated but not having a way out of the things that you are forced to do, regardless of if it's your responsibility or not. Fun fact is that Brendon learned the song 20 minutes before we recorded it.”

Track Credits

Evert Snyman: Vocals and Guitar
Tim Edwards: Drums (The Tazers)
Casey Bliss: Bass (KMOD)
Brendon Bez: Guitar (Ruff Majik)

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