Saturday 19 March 2022

Doom/Stoner Metallers Weedevil Announce Details Of Upcoming New Album THE RETURN

Revamped, re-energized and denser than ever. The new formation of the Brazilian stoner/doom metal band Weedevil presents us in 2022 their most solid and powerful version, a five piece that bases their immersive and captivating sonority in lacerating riffs, hypnotic vocals and a refined and vibrant rhythm section. And it's just the beginning.

"The Return" will bring out on April 8 a Weedevil never seen before, reaching the prime shape and taking a significant flight in the national scene of the segment. The quintet formed by Lo Scar (vocals), Paulo Ueno (guitar), Bodão (guitar), Dani Plothow (bass) and Flávio Cavichioli (drums) arrives in their first full album with a select tracklist, builded by five exuberant tracks that keeps winding between the melancholic, dark and electrifying, packed by deep and existential themes narrating a kind of "opera" that promises to draw the listeners into a private, unique universe. "The Return" is the band's masterpiece so far, a masterful work resulting from dedicated work.

With a digital release scheduled for April 8th and a physical LP version already confirmed by the Dutch label DHU Records the album "The Return" promises to reintroduce in the most impressive form a band that was already standing out on the scene, now ready to take the most demanding listeners in a unavoidable way.

The Return - Tracklisting

1- Underwater
2-The Void
3-The Return
4-Isn´t a Love Song


Lo Scar-Vocals
Flávio Cavichioli-Drums/ Backing Vocals 666
Dani Plothow-Bass/Keyboards
Paulo Ueno-Guitar/FX /Backing Vocals
Bodão-Guitar/Backing Vocals