Saturday 5 March 2022

Delco Detention - What Lies Beneath (Album Review)

Release Date: March 1st 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

What Lies Beneath - Tracklisting

1.Buckle Up (w/ Domagoj & Neno of She Loves Pablo) 02:33 

2.Rock Paper Scissors (w/ Angelique Zuppo) 03:26 

3.A Slow Burn (w/ Stephen Desko of The Land Of Ozz)) 02:57 

4.Study Hall Blues (w/ Bill Jenkins of Kingsnake) 03:11 

5.What Lies Beneath 03:20 

6.War Is Mine (w/ Dave Wessell of Ickarus Gin) 03:44 

7.The Ticket (w/ Kevin & Mike D. of The Age Of Truth) 04:15 

8.Velcro Shoes 02:43 

9.Stage Fright (w/ Sam Wentzell of Weather Advisory) 03:31 

10.FUMOFO - (w/ Eddie Brnabic of Hippie Death Cult) 05:46


Tyler Pomerantz- Guitars and bass

Adam Pomerantz- Drums


Delco Detention made up of a Father and Son Duo return with their second album. The main focus of this band is Tyler (Guitars/Bass) who is 10 years old and who wrote all the music here himself and once again brought along a few of his famous pals from the Stoner Rock world like on their debut album. What Lies Beneath is a more focused and mature offering with Delco Detention creating more highly addictive modern day Stoner Rock songs that flirt between Heavy Doom, Psych, Grunge and Blues Rock.

With a star-studded line-up of guest musicians from bands such as She Loves Pablo, Kingsnake, The Age Of Truth and Hippie Death Cult, there’s a high amount of different vocals that move the album along at a cracking pace. Sure this is a star-studded lineup but the real star yet again is Tyler whose spiky fantastic grooves show an undeniable talent for writing great music with a youthful edge to them.

Perhaps hugely influenced by CLUTCH yet again on this record, Delco Detention have a bombastic approach to their music especially on songs such as Rock Paper Scissors, A Slow Burn, War Is Mine, Stage Fright and FUMOFO.

Adam on Drums (Tyler’s father) is engaging with an OTT and enthusiastic performance and that’s perhaps where the Hard Rock soul of this album comes from though he’s teaching his son the awesome ways of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with the many sub-genres that make up this record.

If you enjoyed Delco Detention’s debut album then What Lies Beneath is a more riffier and darker outing for the band whilst offering loads of addictive fun along the way.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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