Thursday 3 March 2022

Los Suffers Premiere New Album Quando a Chama se Apaga

The Lowdown

The melancholy and weight of the band Los Suffers, formed in 2019 in the Brazilian
city of SãoJosé dos Campos/SP, reflect the accumulation of dark feelings kept inside
of those who struggle daily for their survival in an unjust and cruel world.

Their musical proposal becomes unique to each composition due to the vast number
of influences that inspire the band, and that number grows every day. Some musical
inspirations initials that founded the band were Monolord, Electric Wizard, Sleep,
Saint Vitus and Windhand, but during the evolution of the sound the direct references were slowly lost and headed for something more specific.

The trio from São Paulo is formed by Luiz Dias on vocals and guitar, Jean Carreira on
bass and Brendan Kitchen on drums, and together they established their identity in
the underworld of music with two singles and a split in 2021 during the pandemic, as well as performed the recordings of the band's first album named “Quando A Chama Se Apaga”.

In 2022 the band releases its first album and takes its mix of Stoner, Doom and Sludge to the stages for the first time. The album “Quando A Chama Se Apaga” arrives on digital platforms in March counting with 5 very heavy songs and the fuzz turned on at most. The trio, like in previous works, takes a stand against fascism again, vociferating hatred against the fascists, the bigots and the hypocrites in the midst of a lot of smoke. The new release of Los Suffers also records deeper and more introverted feelings, delving deeper into sadness and depression, exploring the acceptance of death and the lack of hope, Because Evil does not exist and Goodness Is a lie.


Luiz Dias – guitar /vox
Jean Carreira-bass
Brendan Kitchen - drums


Full Album Premiere From The Following Link: