Thursday 17 November 2022

CHÄIRWALK - dr​ü​ber (Album Review)

Date Released: October 22nd 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD/Vinyl

dr​ü​ber: Tracklisting


1.Alles also Nichts 05:07

2.Abgelebt 01:45

3.Lecker los 04:14

4.Ugly nicht 03:34

5.Ich wie Du 02:07

6.Hasspaket 03:09

7.Suse 03:27

8.Der Fakt 04:08

9.Ins Leere 06:33


dr​ü​ber is the new album by Aggressive Sludge/Punk/Prog Rockers CHÄIRWALK and it’s quite an action packed angry affair with the German band showcasing some fine streetwise PUNK GRIT within their melodic and edgy sounds. This is the band’s 5th album and my first taste of the band's style of music. The vocals can be upbeat, buoyant, moody, heartfelt and aggressive throughout the album.

I can’t really comment on the lyrical content as all the songs are sung in German and my German is piss-poor to say the least but I can tell there’s a deep social conscience to them on the album. The songs are quite catchy with CHÄIRWALK treading a fine line between Fast Paced Punk Rock and the heavier Sludgy grooves that appear on the album. The instrumental work is super tight and offers a DIY/PUNK approach which CHÄIRWALK delivers with menacing relish.

The band do feel inspired by NIN in places and perhaps more closely to the With Teeth era of that legendary band especially with the vocals and fantastic bass lines that appear throughout the album. Though, the whole unit of CHÄIRWALK put in fantastic individual performances on the record. 

dr​ü​ber is a great collection of songs that merge Prog Rock sensibilities with the added bonus of Industrial, Grunge and Sludge grooves with CHÄIRWALK’s undeniable Aggressive Charisma leading the way especially on tracks such as: Alles also Nichts, Lecker los, Ugly nicht and Ins Leere

The album maybe too niche for some but if you last the course then you’ll find dr​ü​ber quite an adventurous and exciting album that ultimately leaves you wanting to hear more.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe