Saturday 26 November 2022

ACID THRONE - The Demo (EP Review)

Date Released: April 16th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: Cassette/DD

The Demo: Tracklisting

1.Confess Your Sins 06:55

2.Forgotten Realms 06:16

3.Altars 05:32


I missed this EP from UK Doom/Stoner Rockers ACID THRONE when it was released back in April 2022. The band have just taken the Introduce Yourselves feature challenge which you can read here and I was intrigued to check out their recent release and I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard with The Demo.

This is a nineteen minute ride into the darker and fuzzier side of Doom/Stoner Metal. The EP isn’t the best produced but for a debut release it’s quite decent with the band playing a straightforward style of modern day Doom/Stoner Metal with more aggressive vocals. I can hear influences from Black Sabbath, Faith No More and bands from the NOLA scene. There’s some twinges of Groove Metal which you can hear in the superb opening song Confess Your Sins. 

The song merges fast-paced WEEDIAN grooves with a sublime Psychedelic Rock afterthought towards the later stages of the song. An excellent quieter Ambient and Sonic journey that drifts between Post-Doom and Psych Stoner vibes.

ACID THRONE continues this way of creative thinking on the remaining two tracks on the EP with Forgotten Realms being the standout track here. Though, Altars isn’t too far behind either. 

I wish I had checked out this band when it came out originally but better late than never. If you’re looking for a great band from the UK Doom/Stoner Metal underground scene that has a lot of VICIOUS BITE and PSYCHEDELIC ENERGY then ACID THRONE is the band for you. 

The band are currently working on their full length album hopefully to be released next year and I’m for one excited to hear what ACID THRONE has in store for us.

Words by Steve Howe


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