Thursday 3 November 2022

Son Cesano - Emerge (Album Review)

Date Released: November 04th 2022. Record Label: Monobuster Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Emerge: Tracklisting

1.Monus Bonus 07:15

2.The Nordic One

3.The Mystic Four 04:42


5.Pos. T

6.6. Akt



Simon Marty - Guitar

Robin Weissen - Guitar

Julian Betschart - Bass

Dominik Zgraggen - Drums


Son Cesano returns with their new album Emerge which arrives four years after the band released their acclaimed debut release Submerge. The band play an “aquatic” themed style of Instrumental Stoner Rock which draws in sounds from other areas of music such as Ambient Rock, Psych Rock and Prog Rock. The music is slightly heavier compared to their debut release but is still a soulful and uplifting record with Son Cesano having a jazzy score and progressive drive to their music.

Perhaps closest in style to Yawning Man but with the Desert being replaced by the Deep Seas. The music evolves at its own pace which you can fully experience on the outstanding opening track Monus Bonus. This music is quite diverse with trippy fast-paced grooves surrounded by waves of cinematic Psych Rock. The heavy drums and melodic guitars have a sense of urgency to them and offer some freaky harsh tones along the way.

Second song The Nordic One opens with a Post-Rock based theme that’s quite solitary and experimental with echoes of Russian Circles in places. Son Cesano delves right into a more blissful style of music with regular outbursts of aggressive Psychedelic tones and extended Stoner based jams. The music keeps playing the sublime “Aquatic” approach with a laid-back Funk attitude that does take time to fully gel. However, it’s an interesting choice of music that Son Cesano plays here but it’s equally fascinating and refreshing to hear.

Third song The Mystic Four is another blissful and uplifting song with trippy watery sounds merging superbly well with the lush Psychedelic grooves that has a warm peaceful movement to it all. The song does fully get going when the band starts adding heavier slices of Psych Stoner Rock. Maybe, not the heavy experience you’re expecting but this has first rate instrumental work which shows the complexities and different styles of music the band emply for this album.

Son Cesano continues with this creative journey of blending Post-Rock, Stoner Rock and subtle Jazzy themes with a confident flourish on tracks such as Ruskial, Pos. T and Hardangial with perhaps Ruskial and Hardangial being my favourite tracks on the album. These two tracks have some of the most creative and highly complex sounds on the album which always kept drawing me back on multiple occasions.

Emerge is one of the most blissful and highly accomplished Instrumental Post-Stoner and Post-Rock releases I’ve heard this year. The album is full of wicked music experimentation set against a wonderfully nuanced aquatic theme that makes Son Cesano ever so irresistible to listen to.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Son Cesano and Independent Music Promotions for the promo.

Emerge will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Monobuster Records from November 04th 2022.


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