Friday 4 November 2022

Dune Sea Premiere New Song For GARGANTUA From Upcoming New Album Orbital Distortion

Nearly two years following the release of their critically acclaimed second album "Moons of Uranus", Norwegian psych/stoner rockers Dune Sea now return with their third effort titled "Orbital Distortion".

Set for release on November 11th via All Good Clean Records, "Orbital Distortion" sees the Norwegian trio delving further into space rock, taking off for a grand musical journey into outer space.

Since their self-titled debut album in 2019, Dune Sea have establish themselves as a solid part of the Norwegian psych-scene. Their psych-space rock universe has expanded for every release and on this effort it seems like they have left the Earth for good to cruise throughout the cosmos.

You can hear the new song Gargantua below

The band say this about the song:

Gargantua" is a perfect mix between stoner riffing and good old scandi rock. The song is a tale about the hypermassive black hole "Gargantua" that will be the savior of mankind

Thanks to David at Viral Propaganda PR for all of the info.