Tuesday 1 November 2022

LAZER BEAM - Lost In Oblivion (Album Review)

Date Released: October 28th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Lost In Oblivion: Tracklisting

Sorry For The Heartache

Lost In Oblivion

Skate On By

Dandelion Wishes And The Knight Of Wands

Lower Your Guns

I Really Want U Slowly


Derelict (Feat. Patrón)

The Graveyard


Locust French - Everything


Lost In Oblivion is the new album from Psych Stoner Rockers LAZER BEAM and it's a deliciously entertaining and surprising different album which I'll explain later. LAZER BEAM is the work of one individual called Locust French. The album is radically different to the other albums that has been released under the LAZER BEAM banner.

Opening song Sorry For The Heartache is a slightly "POP" style of Desert Rock/Stoner Rock with quite a sweet edge. Soothing vocals and lush sounding Psych Rock guitars offer a more "Post-Stoner" or "Post-Desert" effect. There's some heavy stylish and digitised sounds waiting to be heard but LAZER BEAM offers mostly a deeply sweet and surprisingly heavy style of modern day Psych Rock.

Second song Lost In Oblivion opens with Electronica and Alt Rock sounds with a deep soulful Sludgy sound that  offers a more direct style of Stoner Rock/Metal. There are still elements of digitised riffs and sonic trickery but at least LAZER BEAM is playing familiar grooves heard on previous releases. The vocals are still friendly and perhaps feel better suited to a more lighter style of music but you can hear that intake of Heavy Psych based Stoner Rock in the background. The lyrics are hopeful, romantic but ever so slightly rebellious.

Third song Shake On By feels partially inspired by All Them Witches in places but with that ever hopeful style of almost Psychedelic Stoner Rock. The song does have a slight touch of gloominess even with Locust's outstanding lyrics paying homage to 1980's based POP MUSIC and Heavy Rock.

Fourth song Dandelion And The Knights Of Wands becomes ever more gloomier and heavier with the music. Perhaps moving more into Post-Doom sounds with the lyrics becoming a bit rebellious as well. However, the first rate guitars and vocal harmonies from Locust keeps the mood mostly upbeat and engaging.

The second half of the album is where everything becomes sinister and a bit more daring with LAZER BEAM operating with a more MATURE or RATED R presence with the creative choices that he delivers with the lyrics and vocal content on tracks such as Lower Your Guns, I Really Want U Slowly and Vultures having a sharp contrast to the first half of the album.

The reason for that is because this album was meant to be originally released as two separate EP's which Locust decided to release as one full album. Truth be told, I applaud and agree with that decision. This is perhaps a more complete album because of that choice. The mood, melodies, grooves, psychedelic sounds, lyrics and vocals are more daring especially on Lower Your Guns and I Really Want U Slowly.

Vultures and Derelict (Feat Patrón) are my favourite tracks on the album with Derelict truly standing out thanks to a fabulous vocal performance from Patron. Seedy and imaginative as anything you can hear from this style of Psychedelic Stoner Rock. 

Everything onwards from Lower Your Guns is perhaps the best material I've heard from Locust French. The different styles of vocal melodies, musical compositions and different creative themes still allows the LAZER BEAM project to have a wide array of different riffs and grooves to keep the Stoner Rock underground collective superbly entertained for a long time to come.

Truth be told. This is the album I always wanted QOTSA to deliver after their landmark Songs For The Deaf album but sadly haven't managed to do so for me personally speaking.

My final thoughts is that Lost In Oblivion is LAZER BEAM's best release to date and he may struggle to better this with future releases. I'll probably be proved wrong on that with Locust French being one of the most original and creative voices within the Stoner Rock Underground scene.

Words by Steve Howe


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