Wednesday 30 November 2022

Hard Rock/Heavy Rock Unit MASHEENA Premiere New Song 1979

MASHEENA - from Bergen, Norway

The history of MASHEENA dates back to the early 2000s, when Luis, Tarjei and Ole agreed to start a Thin Lizzy coverband after more than a few beers one night. That band never materialized, but the guys kept active over the years in other projects like ABBATH, Royal ROOSTER, LOST AT LAST, MEELODI, ODISEA 4TET and ST SATAN.

After reigniting a smoldering fire, mellowed by time and sober expectations after spending half a lifetime in rehearsal rooms, and against better judgment, in 2021 Luis sent a few demos to Tarjei who literally had to dig out his bass from the basement after having sworn to never play inan original band again.

The legend ARMAGEDDA, known from IMMORTAL’s debut album, the ABBATH-fronted “I” and DEMONAZ’s solo album joined together with string virtuoso Ole rehearsing the songs in a barn in the outskirts of town transformed into a rehearsal cave.

Rather than re-inventing music itself, the purpose of MASHEENA is to share the joy and love of hard rock. The intended EP with songs from the demos quickly grew to a full album.

In case you are worried about being misled and fooled, do not worry, the references to heavy rock and a wide span from 70s to 00s are obvious. Musically, Masheena are inspired by both the sunny and shady grooves of the 70s, the shameless hedonism of 80s hard rock and heavy metal, as well as the jagged riffs and darker vibes of the 90s alternative rock and metal scenes.

Lean back, grease up, beer in, put on or take off your denim, leather or plant-based garments and cheap sunglasses:

With about 100 years of combined experience playing national and international venues…and ringing tinnitus, say welcome to MASHEENA!

You can view their KICK-ASS new song 1979 below

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Majestic Mountain Records for all of the details. 

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