Sunday 6 November 2022

KAL-EL - Trillians Rock Bar - Live Gig Review - Wednesday 02nd November 2022

Trillians Rock Bar- Newcastle upon Tyne Gig Review

Norwegian Doom/Stoner Metallers KAL-EL made their way into Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle upon Tyne on their 2022 UK Tour. With the band hitting my hometown I had to see the guys in action for myself. I've been a long time fan of the band and I've reviewed their last few albums over the years.

KAL-EL were supported by two local bands on the night. Kraken Waker and BOZ. Both bands played cool support slots with BOZ perhaps impressing the most with their blend of Groove, Doom and Sludge Metal with a few sounds from the NOLA scene.

Kraken Waker play a more blend of Psych Blues Stoner/Sludge Metal with a Punk Rock spirit. I only saw a couple songs from Kraken Waker but they were entertaining and I do want to hear more from them.

The main event was KAL-EL and even with the small audience in attendance, the band didn't disappoint with a stunning set which featured tracks such as Temple, Astrodoomeda, Witches Of Mars, Mica, Spiral and Dark Majesty. The band put maximum effort into all their songs to entertain the crowd with their cosmic blend of Psych Doom/Stoner Metal.

The main highlights for myself were Temple, Witches Of Mars and Dark Majesty where the band cranked up the Amplified sounds and with the members putting in fabulous individual performances especially Lead Vocalist Captain and Drummer Bjudas who were perhaps the main focus but with the more technical and flashier aspects handled by the other members of the band.

This tour was used to promote their last critically acclaimed album Dark Majesty which some folks in the audience were most definitely aware of.

KAL-EL have a formidable live reputation on stage and it showed here with the band putting in an intense and superbly played performance.


Another highlight of the gig was KAL-EL doing a cover of KYUSS classic Greenmachine which Captain got certain members of the audience to sing the legendary track including myself but I forgot the fucking lyrics. Criminal. I know. This was a cool version with KAL-EL adding more Spacier and Doomed out vibes.

The band received excellent applause from the audience through various parts of the gig and it was well deserved. As KAL-EL played a brilliant and thrilling 55 minute set which shows why they're one of the best bands from the Doom/Stoner Metal underground scene.

Words by Steve Howe