Wednesday 2 November 2022

Burning Sister - Mile High Downer Rock (Album Review)

Date Released: November 04th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Mile High Downer Rock: Tracklisting

Leather Mistress

Acid Night Vision

The Messenger

Cloven Tongues

Dead Sun Blues



Stars Align


Steve - Bass/Vox/Synth

Drake - Guitars

Alison – Drums 


Mile High Downer Rock is the debut album from Psych/Acid/Doom/Stoner Rock Power Trio Burning Sister and it's an album that's been entertaining the hell out of me for the past month or so. I've featured the band on the blog a few times and I was excited to hear the album. Now that it's finally here, Burning Sister have delivered a terrific blend of FUZZED based Psych/Stoner Rock with a gloomy Acid Rock sound that gives them quite a seedy realistic feel within the WEEDIAN underground scene. 

Opening song Leather Mistress is quite a warped and gloomy ride into Burning Sister's world. Delicious Doom/Fuzz grooves that give way to a more Acid drenched style of Psych Stoner Rock with epic amounts of WAH-WAH Feedback and Distorted elements for a more exciting down-tempo sound. The vocals are buried under layers of vocal effects and FUZZY DISTORTED tones which are quite melodic and Burning Sister showing a keen eye for a riff-centric approach for the song and album. 

Second song Acid Night Vision is a more freakier and fast-paced offering where the vocals come into play but still keeping with the opening song's style of gloomy FUZZED OUT approach. Burning Sister perhaps bring a classic 90's Noise Rock delivery to the album with this track. The song moves at an exciting fast pace with the band allowing the Distorted themes being the primary weapon to deliver their blend of modern day Psych Stoner Rock and Doom Rock that is washed down with that sublime style of Acid Rock. Parts Black Sabbath, SLEEP and Dinosaur Jr can be heard as direct influences but perhaps also from the classic era of Grunge. Which isn't too surprising since you have Grunge Legend Tad Doyle mastering the album.

Third song The Messenger is an instrumental Psych/Stoner/Acid Rock offering with flashes of Ambient Rock that is quite a cool listen despite the short two minute running time. The song briliantly leads into the next song of Cloven Tongues.

Fourth song Cloven Tongues resembles OM and Shrinebuilder in many ways and I wonder if this song is meant as a tribute to Al Cisneros especially with the sublime vocals and low-heavy bass that appears on the track. The song is still Burning Sister through and through with the distorted and AMPLIFIER WORSHIP based being the best part of the track. One of the heaviest tracks on the album with Burning Sister adapting a more Prog Rock feel to the album especially when the Spaced Out vibes appear. The album is built on PURE DISTORTION and things do become brilliantly seedy and heavy in all the right places.

Fifth song Dead Sun Blues opts for a more Blues/Desert Rock approach that harks back to the early days of KYUSS and FU MANCHU. Steve's vocals are more clearer here and perhaps have a more straightforward delivery despite the regular presence of their down-tuned style of Acid Rock/Noise Rock being perhaps even being toned down a bit. The song is superbly heavy and freaky in all the right places. The thrilling guitar solos that appear on the later stages of the track make this one of the outstanding and catchiest tracks on the album.

Sixth Song Serpahim is another instrumental oddity lasting for ninety seconds or so. A gloomy occult sound is the main order of business here but there's some fantastical long DRONED out riffs I wanted to hear more of and I got my wish with the final two tracks on the album.

The final songs S.I.B. and Stars Align are where Burning Sister go all out with their Droned Out/Acid Drenched style of Doom/Stoner Metal. Songs that actually screams out MODERN DAY WEEDIAN ATTITUDE. The vocals are bang on form yet again with the band excelling even further within the riffs department. A more flashier and progressive sound sees Burning Sister play Progressive Stoner Metal notes with a gloomy vision. Both songs contain different styles of music within its Seven Minutes plus running time but feels longer and in a good way. The Ambient/Psychedelic tones all build upto a loud and exciting finish that will leave you wanting to hear more even when non-stop extended guitar solos appear within Stars Align.

Mile High Downer Rock is an exciting collection of individual tracks that are all superbly played and written from the start. Burning Sister have delivered a brilliantly and freaky slice of modern day Doom/Stoner Metal that easily ranks as one of the best debut albums to be released this year. 

Words by Steve Howe


Thanks to Burning Sister and Cave Dweller Productions for the promo.

Mile High Downer Rock will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl from November 04th 2022.

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