Monday 7 November 2022

Dune Sea - Orbital Distortion (Album Review)

Date Released: November 11th 2022. Record Label: All Good Clean Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Orbital Distortion: Tracklisting

01. Astro Chimp 02. Hubro 03. Euphorialis 04. Draugen 05. Gargantua 06. Trinity 07. Anesthesia 08. Hevn


Ole Nogva - Vocals, Guitar and Synthesizer

Petter Solvik Dahle - Bass and Synthesizer

Viktor Olsen Kristensen - Drums and percussion


Orbital Distortion is the new album from Norwegian Psych/Stoner Rockers Dune Sea and carries on the crazy and wildly inventive Space Rock themes from their last album Moons Of Uranus. The album sees Dune Sea explore a more cinematic and progressive style of Psych Stoner Rock that also has a more direct style of music that sees the band flattering on the creative edges of Post-Rock. 

Opening song Astro Chimp is a freaky and classic Space Rock song with Dune Sea bringing an upbeat style of Desert Rock and Stoner Rock with a twinge of Blues Psychedelics that can be quite FUNKY in places. Solid Hard Rock vocals are added for a song that sees Dune Sea playing some heavy guitar solos that have a slight "Yawning Man" feel to them. Well written and trippy lyrics make this a great song to open the album with.

Second song Hubro offers more lush psychedelic guitars and warped Post-Stoner grooves with a distorted Space Rock drive. A nice mix of classic hard rock swagger and freaky melodic sounds are the main order of play here with Dune Sea being slightly experimental here. The song is upbeat and perhaps even Prog Rock when the band starts adding different musical instruments into the mix. Dune Sea adds strands of Ambient Noises that feel all too human in places. The song does have its fair share of extended guitar solos and this works surprisingly well with the different experimental sounds and themes going on within the song.

Third song Euphorialis is a classic sounding Blues Rock inspired Space Rock number with an Alt Rock theme being the most prominent you'll hear on the track. Dune Sea navigate themselves round 60's and 70's Psych Rock with an almost Garage Rock drive that allows the band to create something different compared to the other tracks on the album. 

Dune Sea explores their wild and creative side even further on tracks such as Draugen, Garagantua, Anesthesia and Hevn. The riffs and creative ideas become even WILDER than before especially on Gargantua and Hevn which are perhaps the best tracks on the album. The album does offer a wide mix of different styles of Psychedelic Stoner Rock with different levels of heaviness throughout the album. 

The band do feel inspired by Monster Magnet at times with the Psychedelic and Space Rock journey taken with this album. Dune Sea have delivered an album packed full of interesting vocal styles and great lyrical content to match the weirdness of the whole album. 

Orbital Distortion is a real trip into the "weirder" side of Psychedelic Stoner Rock and offers first rate entertainment for all dedicated followers of the band and the underground scene as well.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Viral Propaganda PR for the promo.

Orbital Distortion will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via All Good Clean Records from November 11th 2022.