Monday 7 November 2022

POLDERRECORDS Announce Cowboys & Aliens Upcoming New Album BURN!

POLDERRECORDS is proud to announce the release date for Cowboys & Aliens 8th studio album "Burn!": Friday November 25th, 2022

Cowboys & Aliens started their career way back in 1996 but entered Europe’s stonerrock highest division with their second album ‘A Trip To The Stonehenge Colony’. Soon after ‘Love Sex Volume’ followed, and brought the band on stage with the likes of Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stone Age, Karma To Burn, Vista Chino, C.O.C, Danzig, Deep Purple,…Unlike most bands of that era Cowboys & Aliens never stopped developing and after a short hiatus every new album they made unveiled another part of their rich musical background showing metal, stoner, grunge, doom and good old rock ‘n roll can easily fit under one roof.

Today, the Belgian powerhouse is back with their eight’ studio album BURN! Once again the boys did not shy away from wilfulness and produced a dark, hard hitting yet very melodic album that will stand out easily in any heavy rock record collection. The new album allows you to discover new elements every new spin and leaves you with the impression a good old friend is covering your back every step of your journey.

The story behind the artwork of BURN! by Henk Vanhee:

"As BURN! is a record that was almost completely written in full lockdown by John Pollentier and Henk Vanhee exchanging demos online, the songs and the atmosphere are a bit soaked in the uncertainty and the plain darkness of that period. Henk wrote all the lyrics which would make it obvious to be the guide for the artwork. The general idea was to create an image of these dark, troubled and threatening times. Working with images and layers resulted in our very own crowned, skeletal ‘Eddie’ carrying a curved beautiful yet bizarre body out of the flames as a symbol of hope, love, reliability and strength. BURN! became the simple title as an alternative reference to Dylan Thomas’ Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. As if we were to say: If you have to leave this place, do it with passion and show some love in the process!"

Release date for digital and CD: November 25th, 2022 - Vinyl will ship around that same time, but is still in production. 

Listen to the new single Find You Soon below

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