Friday 29 March 2019

Gandalf The Green - A Billion Faces (Song Review)

Release date: March 28th 2019. Label: APF Records. Format: DD

A Billion Faces – Tracklisting

A Billion Faces


Andrew Flint - Vocals/Guitar
Jack Walker - Vocals/Drums
Danny Wrigley - Bass


A Billion Faces is the new 13 minute song from UK Stoner/Doom Metallers – Gandalf The Green. I’ve been keeping a close eye on these guys ever since I saw them supporting Mexican Spaced Out Doomsters – Vinnum Sabbathi – in a small pub in Dewsbury outside Leeds, UK. I was mightily impressed what I saw. A band with raw potential but one that plays epic Stoner/Doomed Riffs especially if you’re a fan of Sleep and CONAN.

A Billion Faces sees Gandalf The Green build upon that potential with an all out attack on the senses that sees the band playing a heavier, richer and progressive sound. The WEEDIAN influences are there to be listened to and worship from afar. The heavy SABBATHIAN grooves is what really holds everything together as the band even experiment with the standard Doom/Stoner Metal sound by adding Distorted Droned Guitars and a cool sounding Psychedelic Grooves in certain parts of the song.

This song shows that Gandalf The Green are wiser, older, mature and more confident from their 2016 debut release. The music is bold, daring and even challenging in places. A Billion Faces could have been a risky creative decision for the band to release. However this is brilliantly entertaining and epic sounding song and proves that Gandalf The Green could be at the forefront of the UK Doom/Stoner Metal scene in the years to come.

Obviously we will need to hear a new EP or hopefully full length album to see the guys reach their full potential. However, until then, A Billion Faces proves that the future is bright for these guys.

Do yourself a favour and immerse yourself with the epic sounding riffs of GANDALF THE GREEN.

Words by Steve Howe