Thursday 21 March 2019

CITIES OF MARS - Song Premiere Of NECRONOGRAPH - From Their Upcoming New Album THE HOROLOGIST

CITIES OF MARS: Swedish Doom Trio team up with RIPPLE MUSIC for THE HOROLOGIST | OUTLAWS OF THE SUN première new song ‘NECRONOGRAPH’

The Horologist is officially released on Friday, 5th April 2019 on Ripple Music

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You can listen to their excellent new song - NECRONOGRAPH - below.


“‘Necronograph’ takes place on Mars in 3151 BC, as the high culture flourishes in and around the capital city of Bahb-Elon, built within the colossal mountain crested with the ever-watching Eye. In this sprawling metropolis surrounded by mining caverns and mushroom fields, a mad scientist (The Horologist?) kidnaps people and leaves them with a biomechanical implant on their hearts, a Necronograph. This diabolical device steals the energy from the victims' heartbeats and transfers it to its Master, giving stolen life and longevity.”

Band Info

Formed in 2014 in Gothenburg by bassist/singer Danne Palm, guitarist Christoffer Norén and drummer Johan Küchler, Cities of Mars take a lead from the likes of Mastodon, Kylesa, Sleep and Baroness.

Combining heavy doom riffs, ambient soundscapes and haunting vocals, there’s an unmistakable sci-fi narrative that flows through their music, helping them to push boundaries and channel their unique firebrand of heavy progressive rock.

As chief proponents of stoner metal and corporeal ancestors in a revered lineage of Swedish doom rock history, following the success of their inaugural/self-released digital single ‘The Third Eye/Cyclopean Ritual’ (produced by Esben Willems of Monolord/Berserk Audio) the band wasted no time in setting out to record their debut album, Celestial Mistress. Released in 2016 on Suicide Records, this mind-crushing EP – featuring the captivating artwork of Gothenburg-based graphic artist Axel Widén – truly signalled the band’s arrival on the underground scene.

Cities of Mars have embarked on numerous European tours since their inception and new shows heralded the arrival of new songs, all of which fed into the release of their debut album, Temporal Rifts (2017). With the lyrics on each song adding a chapter to a continuing story, Temporal Rifts follows the ascent of a Soviet cosmonaut on a covert space mission in 1971 and his discovery of an ancient Martian city that awakens a sleeping conspiracy from the dawn of humanity.

This April, the saga continues, following three solid years of writing, jamming and touring under their collective belts. Now working alongside Ripple Music label and the management skills of Blackskull Services, Cities of Mars will unleash their awesome new album The Horologiston 5th April 2019.


Danne Palm – Bass, Vocals
Christoffer Norén – Guitar, Vocals
Johan Küchler – Drums, Vocals


1. Necronograph
2. Trenches of Bahb-Elon
3. Inner Sanctum Outer Space
4. Hydrahead
5. The Last Electric Dream
6. The Floating Museum
7. Work Song
8. Lines In The Dark

Artist: Cities of Mars
Album: The Horologist
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 5/04/2019
Format: CD/LP/Digital


Temporal Rifts (LP/CD/Digital, Argonauta Records, 2017)
Celestial Mistress (Vinyl EP/Digital, Suicide Records 2016)
‘The Third Eye/Cyclopean Ritual’ (Digital Single, 2015)