Wednesday 6 March 2019

Robustfellow Prods To Release Celophys New Album Fried Chordata in April 2019

Fourth album of Ukrainian’s uncompromising sludge metallers Celophys. Having an excellent track-record of Robust Releases (their second LP was released in 2013 via Emetic Records famous for working with sludge icons and the third "Ammonite" was released by Robustfellow Prods. in 2015), with their new effort, the crushing duo reminds us once again how sludge should sound like.

The added speed and aggression show the progression of the outfit and the absence of bass guitar doesn’t stop the band from creating a thick, ear-bleed aggressive sound bound to make a mark in the sonic history.

Continuing to mix paleontology with weed-smoking, the distinctiveness of the band’s style becomes even more evident on ‘Fried Chordata’. There’s no reason why a sludge devotee should skip this!

Robustfellow will be releasing their new album on April 5th 2019. You can order everything from their BandCamp Page and it's BRUTAL STUFF!!!


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