Saturday 16 March 2019

Monocluster - Ocean (Album Review)

Release date: March 12th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Ocean – Tracklisting

1.Ocean In Our Bones 10:07
2.Leviathan 12:55
3.Guns And Greed 09:18
4.A Place Beyond 12:36
5.Home 11:42


Chris - bass/vocals
Ewald - drums
Jan - guitar


Ocean is the new album from Progressive Stoner Rockers – Monocluster. Before I start my actual review I’m going to post the description the band have put on their BandCamp Page. Mainly to show you what to expect on their new album.

Monocluster is a three-piece Stoner Psychedelic Death Blues Band from Cologne Germany

Musical influences - Kyuss, Sungrazer, All them Witches, Colour Haze.

And that’s a very good description on how to describe Ocean and the band as a whole. However the band still create their own powerful and dynamic sound that has moments of Progressive Rock and Post Rock/Metal appearing from time to time.

Ocean isn’t the most easiest album to listen and to fully appreciate. This is an album that will take many listens to understand the overall narrative and story of the album. The music moves into so many different musical genres that you will need your wits about you. Though you can’t deny how addictive the music and vocals actually are.

Opening song Ocean In Our Bones has a deep All Them Witches influence running through it’s DNA but spliced with the dark poetry and genius of Lou Reed and Dave Wyndorf. I know that sounds very weird but the lyrics are quite dark and when the vocals appear, the whole mood of the album becomes slightly depressing. Trust me when I say that’s a god thing. This shows that Monocluster aren’t afraid to take huge creative risks with their music and Monocluster start to sound very unique indeed.

Second song – Leviathan – carries on the Psychedelic Death Blues (the band’s own term) riffs for a more darker and varied sound. The psychedelic grooves start to appear before slowly expanding into a huge wall of sonic riffs that literally took my breath away. This song is played at a slow deliberate pace and you have to wait for the heavy progressive moments to appear. Though it’s worth it as the band have a few surprises along the way with this song. This song is perhaps best described as a slightly depressing style of Desert Rock/Stoner Metal and Monocluster deserve credit for playing with people’s expectations on this song.

The remaining 3 songs – Guns and Greed, A Place Beyond and Home carry on the experimental vibe contained on the opening two tracks. However things become weirder and perhaps even heavier on the later stages of the album. As once again, Monocluster create more nightmarish sounds you didn’t think was possible for a Psychedelic Stoner Rock/Metal band.

I would have to say that A Place Beyond is perhaps my favourite song held on the album. As it’s the song I initially I had the most issues with and the song that I kept going back to. Within time, it became my favourite part of the album and that’s perhaps down to the epic progressive riffs and complex themes the band have written on this song.

Monocluster are amazing musicians and this album proves this time and time again. The production on the album is superb and brings Monocluster’s music truly to life. Maybe the band are too ambitious on certain parts of the album but I applaud the band for delivering a wonderful and truly original album.

This is a must have album if you like your Stoner Rock music Dark, Heavy, Progressive and Realistic.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe