Sunday 24 March 2019

EP News - KUROKUMA Announce New EP Details

Trippy Metal Trio KUROKUMA Announce New EP Details

Sheffield’s Best Metal Bands Vol. 1 to be released via Off Me Nut Records May 3rd 

Trippy metal trio KUROKUMA have announced their third EP Sheffield's Best Metal Bands Vol.1 will be released via Off Me Nut Records on May 3rd 2019 ahead of their appearance at Desertfest UK on May 5th. 

Check out their teaser here: 

Kurokuma - Sheffield’s Best Metal Bands Vol. 1

After earning acclaimed reviews for their Advorsus EP (2016) and Dope Rider EP (2018), KUROKUMA's cult-like notoriety for producing avant-garde music, heavy yet multidimensional, has continued to grow. Now, the band have teamed up with notorious electronic record label Off Me Nut Records for their latest release, which sees the label's first ever foray into the murky world of metal. 

Sheffield’s Best Metal Bands Vol. 1 finds the band burrowing deeper into an atmospheric world of their own creation, producing four leviathan tracks that are a consciousness-expanding 24-minute refraction of monumentally unsettled ambient heaviness and blackened sludge. And there's even a Jamiroquai cover thrown in for good measure (Deeper Underground). This is some persuasively weird shit.

The band comments: "It's a product of being on the road a lot more this past year, seeing a lot of metal bands outside of just the stoner/doom circles, and then just bringing in a few influences from outside metal. We listen to things from all across the musical spectrum; lately it's been a lot of electronic music and beats, and that's nothing particularly unique, but we've never drawn lines between genres or been hesitant about bringing what we like to listen to into the band. 

There's a darkness and an intensity that you might find in unexpected places if you're willing to look. Reality is twisted, you'll never escape it. We're taking the weird shit that flows through our brains and in front of our eyes, cranking the volume and putting it on cassette. And when we took a step back and looked at the lyrics and song titles on this release, we realised that, if you had to describe it, everything related to a theme of weird creatures that are misunderstood by society at large, which, to be honest, is a good way of summing up who we are.“

KUROKUMA recently gained further spotlight after being featured in The Doom Doc, an independent documentary on the doom scene which followed KUROKUMA's drummer, Joe E Allen, and featured interviews with original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, Primitive Man, Conan, Slabdragger, and many others.

Having perfected their engaging sound on stages worldwide from the UK to Japan with bands such as Conan, Crowbar, Trap Them, KEN Mode, Boss Keloid, Primitive Man and Skeletonwitch to name a few, the next few months will see the band playing select dates and festivals including Desertfest in London in support of their EP.

Sheffield’s Best Metal Bands Vol. 1 will be released by Off Me Nut Records on May 3rd. Pre-orders will be available soon.

See KUROKUMA live at one of the following dates:

March 24th, Dreadfest, Leeds (UK)
April 12th, Record Junkee, Sheffield (w/ Author and Punisher) (UK)
April 13th, Replacement Weekender @ The Moon, Cardiff (UK)
May 5th, Desertfest, London (UK)
May 18th, The Rumble At Rebellion, Manchester (UK)

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Sheffield’s Best Metal Bands Vol. 1 Tracklisting

1: RVN
2: Wasp Nest
3: Deeper Underground
4: Wasp Nest (Memphis edit)