Friday 26 April 2019

Lord Dying - Mysterium Tremendum (Album Review)

Release date: April 26th 2019. Label: eOne. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Mysterium Tremendum – Tracklisting

1.Envy The End 05:34
2.Tearing at the Fabric of Consciousness
3.Nearing the End of the Curling Worm
4.The End of Experience
5.Exploring Inward (An Unwelcome Passenger)
6.Severed Forever
7.Even the Darkness Went Away
8.Freed From the Pressures of Time
9.Lacerated Psyche
10.Split From a World Within, Devoid of Dreams Death, The Final Loneliness
11.Saying Goodbye to Physical Form


Erik Olson-guitar/vocals
Chris Evans-guitar
Matt Price-bass
Chase Manhattan-drums


Mysterium Tremendum is the new album from Lord Dying and it’s a concept about about Life and Death. Or what awaits people on the other side. Well according to the band anyway. The album is perhaps Lord Dying most personal album to date. As the album deals with many complex dark themes and this allows Lord Dying to experiment with their standard Sludge/Doom Metal sound.

The whole feel of the album will surprise you in many ways with the band experimenting with genres such as Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Psych and even Folk Rock. Mysterium Tremendum is a dark and mysterious album with the early songs setting up a gloomy and caustic atmosphere that lingers onto the very end of the album.

Songs such as Envy The End, Nearing The End Of The Cutting Worm and The End Of Experience sees Lord Dying drawing influences from bands such as Yes, Metallica, Mastodon and OPETH. The end result is dark, surreal, trippy and hypnotic. The sludgy grooves from Lord Dying previous albums are there in the background. However this is a more focused and more grown up Lord Dying that I personally didn’t expect.

The production on Mysterium Tremendum is excellent and Lord Dying have never sounded this good before especially on the 2nd half of the album where songs such as Severed Forever, Freed From The Pressure Of Time and “Split From a World Within, Devoid of Dreams Death, The Final Loneliness” show you how far Lord Dying have come as musicians since their debut album.

Compare this album to their debut album and you wouldn’t know it was the same band. Lord Dying have delivered their best album to date with Mysterium Tremendum. Some of their established fan-base may not enjoy the album at first. As it’s so vastly different to their earlier material. However it’s good to see Lord Dying creating a more diverse sound.

Mysterium Tremendum is a thrilling and brilliantly bold album that Lord Dying should rightly be proud of. This is as good as it gets. No question….

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Lisa at Hold Tight PR for the promo. Mysterium Tremendum is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via eOne.