Monday 8 April 2019

TENEBRA Announce Debut Album Gen Nero And Premiere Of New Song - Cornered.

Gen Nero" is the debut album by Tenebra. It was recorded by Bruno Germano at Vacuum Studio in February 2018 and it represents the band in this particular time period. The album itself features 6 tracks and can be thought of as a single 24-minute suite presented in six movements. It's an amalgam of the band's influences: hard rock, heavy psych, blues and punk.

Tenebra are a four piece band formed in Bologna in October 2017. Claudio (bass), Emilio (guitar) and Mesca (drums) come from the city's hardcore and post-hardcore scene (Settlefish, ED, Gravesite, Assumption) that gravitated around the social center "Atlantide". Silvia, the singer, is the youngest member and she's a huge fan of the underground music scene of the 60's and 70's.

"Gen Nero", their debut album, is set for release on April 22nd.

Here is an exclusive premiere of their new song Cornered.

Cornered is the first excerpt from "Gen Nero" released on April 22nd 2019 on vinyl 12 "limited 200 copies. A 4 minute mid-tempo, the only one on the album, in full heavy rock style like Black Sabbath and co. did in the 70's.