Wednesday 10 April 2019

Ennoea - Sufficiency / Unworthy (Single Review)

Release date: February 15th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Sufficiency / Unworthy – Tracklisting

1.Sufficiency 03:39
2.Unworthy 03:48


Samantha Michelle Smith—Everything


ENNOEA is back with their first music in 5 years with these two new songs from their upcoming new EP - Pistis Sophia. Due for release in May 2019.

The two songs on offer – Sufficiency and Unworthy – sees ENNOEA return to their earlier heavier pitch black Doom/Post-Black Metal sound with elements of Psychedelic Doom and Death Metal. 

It’s quite a dark and unflinching style of music that Samantha (the brains behind ENNOEA) hasn’t played in a long time. Samantha is quite prolific and is involved with a wide range of different projects. See Samantha’s extensive discography on Metal Archives.

If this is a good indication of how the upcoming EP will sound like then I’m looking forward to hearing the EP when it’s released. These two songs are perhaps for the more experienced Doom/Death/Post-Black Metal fan. As it’s dark and brutal from the start. The progressive melodies are a thrilling match for Samantha’s fucked-up vocals.

The psychedelic sounds are a cool touch and maybe influenced from YOB in places but that is no bad thing. Overall this is a good release for ENNOEA to announce their return to the world with.

Lets see what happens on their upcoming new EP.

Words by Steve Howe