Friday 19 April 2019

Ruff Majik - Tårn (Album Review)

Release date: May 03rd 2019. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Tårn – Tracklisting

Gloom & Tomb
I’ll Dig The Grave
Dread Breath
Heretically Happy
Speed Hippie
Seasoning The Witch


Johni Holliday
Jimi Glass
Benni Manchino


Ruff Majik have been quite prolific over the years releasing singles, EP’s and last year’s debut album. I just kinda let them pass me by over the last few years until recently when I was sent their new album Tårn to review. I decided to see what all the hype was about as a few of my friends within the scene rate these guys very highly. So I listened to Tårn and see if it could change my mind.

The first thing I here from the opening song – Schizophrenic – is a fast-paced Progressive Metal riff before settling down for a Psychedelic Doom/Grunge/Stoner Rock sound. Perhaps one of the fastest turnarounds I’ve heard from a song ever. Ruff Majik continue to impress me with their sludgy psychedelic grooves and cool vocals that reminded me of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats in places. Though Ruff Majik operate within their own crazy and trippy weird world where the rules of musical genres don’t apply to the guys and they play whatever comes to mind.

Second song – Gloom & Tomb – is a more vintage style of Stoner Rock that QOTSA played back in the day before they went too commercial for my liking. This song has a sleazy seventies hard rock attitude as the doomier aspects of the song and vocals start to take shape and direct the full course of the album.

Third song – I’ll Dig The Grave – opens with a trippy psychedelic riff that carries on the Stoner Rock vibe that lies within Ruff Majik’s DNA and offer the standout song on the album. The sleaze rock attitude is what makes Ruff Majik such an exciting and out-of-control force of nature. The lyrics and vocals are influenced by the Doom Metal scene but the music takes influence from a wider scope of different styles such as Grunge and Hard Rock.

Fourth song – Dread Breath – sees Ruff Majik settle for the fast-paced Doom/Grunge/Stoner Rock sound and having devilish fun at the same time. The music can be quite lo-fi at times but it matches the cool sounding vintage production held throughout the album.

The remaining songs on Tårn sees Ruff Majik expanding their music further by experimenting with different genres and sounds but still keeping the overall feel of the album addictive and fresh at the same time. Tårn perfectly captures Ruff Majik undeniable reckless spirit and that is what makes the album so damn good.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Warren at Plug Music Agency for the promo. Tårn will be available to buy on Vinyl from Lay Bare Recordings from May 3rd 2019.