Sunday 28 April 2019

Stone Machine Electric - Darkness Dimensions Disillusion (Album Review)

Release date: April 26th 2019. Label: Sludgelord Records. Format: Cassette Tape/DD/CD

Darkness Dimensions Disillusion – Tracklisting

1.Sum of Man 12:48
2.SAND 08:19
3.Circle 04:44
4.Purgatory 14:00


Dub - Guitar/Vocals
Kitchens - Drums/Vocals/Theremin


Darkness Dimensions Disillusion is the new album from Texas Sludge/Doom Rock duo – Stone Machine Electric. This is the first album I’ve listened to from Stone Machine Electric since their 2017 offering – Vivere and I was intrigued on what to expect on this album. As the band are known for changing their style of sound through the course of their recording career which stretches back to almost a decade from 2010.

This album sees the band creating a heavier and doomier sound with elements of Psychedelic Metal, Stoner Metal and even elements of Progressive Rock and Jazz Music on various stages of the album. It’s quite a wild ride with Stone Machine Electric switching musical genres from the start.

Opening song – Sum Of Man – opens with a haunting Psychedelic Doom style Synth score that reminded me of the classic 1982 Blade Runner soundtrack. Though that soon gives way to a heavier Sludge/Doom Metal sound that’s played at a medium pace. The heavy sludgy riffs are distorted for the most part and the vocals feel inspired by Al Cisneros in places. The music has a Drone based quality to them and this allows Stone Machine Electric to play a more experimental style of Doom/Stoner Metal.

Second song – SAND – is where the band add a more “Jazz” heavy influence into their warped blend of Psychedelic Doom and Stoner Metal. Stone Machine Electric have the term “Weirdo” listed on their BandCamp Page and that’s a great way how to describe this song. As the song is quite complex in places and actually does have a “Weirdo” outlook on life. Though the song can also be described as FUNK METAL as well with the Funk/Jazz guitars that make up a large part of this song. The band do feel inspired by CLUTCH on this song and that is no bad thing.

Third song – Circle – is the more straight-forward Stoner Rock/Metal song held on the album. As the song only lasts under 5 minutes and the band have less time to play with. So it’s good to see Stone Machine Electric not forgetting their Stoner Rock roots and play a more exciting and hard-rocking tune that’s packed full of great heavy riffs.

Fourth song – Purgatory – is the standout song on the record as it features Kent Stump of WO FAT fame providing additional guitars. I’m a huge fan of Kent and it’s always good to hear Kent appearing on other bands projects. This song is definitely the weirdest one of the bunch with Stone Machine Electric adding a sinister 70s sounding Doom Metal atmosphere to the song. Add a pinch of theatrical sounding Occult Rock guitars and you have the makings of a Progressive Doomed Out experience that only Stone Machine Electric can deliver.

With Stone Machine Electric being from Texas and like all good Doom/Stoner Metal bands from Texas, they drafted in Kent Stump to Produced, Mixed and Mastered the album at the almost legendary Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, Texas. That’s the reason why this album sounds so damn good. Kent is one of the best producers around not only in Texas but within the Doom/Stoner Metal community and this album is a testament not only to Kent’s talents but also to Stone Machine Electric.

As they have delivered their best album to date with Darkness Dimensions Disillusion.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy the album on Cassette Tape/CD/DD via Sludgelord Records.