Saturday 18 November 2023

Band To Check Out - Black Cloud Harbour

Introducing Black Cloud Harbour – a rock metal project injected with the raw power of punk and the atmospheric darkness of black metal. 

For fans of Kvelertak, Converge, Woods of Ypres, and Cave In, Black Cloud Harbour promises to elevate your musical expedition!

Dive into the intense fusion of powerful riffs, cathartic energy, and emotive melodies. Black Cloud Harbour is more than a music project; it's a sonic force set to provide a cathartic journey for your senses.

Craving an atmospheric musical experience that experiments with different genres?

Follow Black Cloud Harbour on Spotify now and stay tuned for an unparalleled blend of musical aggression and atmospheric intensity

More music coming soon (including the second single 'Storm' on 22nd November).

This is the new project from Adam C. Taylor (Vocals/Guitars) from UK Sludge Metallers EVEREST QUEEN. And this project is an absolute banger so you should all definitely check this out now.