Thursday 23 November 2023

Italian Heavy Rockers Sonic Wolves Sign To Argonauta Records; First Single Unveiled.

The Italian heavy rock'n'roll band Sonic Wolves has signed with Argonauta Records to release their third full-length album titled 'III,' scheduled for an early 2024.

The first single/music video, 'Dead To The World,' is now available on YouTube. Watch it below: 

ThebBand comments:

"We are happy and proud to announce that our third full-length will be released in 2024 by Argonauta Records. After the 2022 release, the 12” EP “It’s All A Game To Me”, Gero and the label continued to support Sonic Wolves, for which we are very grateful. It was an honor for us to sign with him once again. Like the EP, this new album called “III” was recorded at Trai Studio and Fabio Intraina, with the cover done by Diogo Soares and Soares Art. 

We also want to introduce our new guitarist Nico Nigro, who not only brought great skills and an even stronger 70’s and psychedelic influence to the band, but also some great material that we have revamped and retrofitted to Sonic Wolves’ style.

Thanks to Gero’s hard work throughout the years, Argonauta Records has become a real growing force in the international underground music scene, with a great roster of bands. 2024 will also be the 10th anniversary since our band changed its name to Sonic Wolves, another good reason to celebrate this special occasion with Gero and Argonauta Records.

Italian heavy rock'n'roll band Sonic Wolves was formed in 2012 by drummer Vita and bassist/singer Kayt Vigil. Originating in Alessandria, Italy, Sonic Wolves debuted in 2016 with "Before The End Comes" and followed up in 2018 with "Sonic Wolves," including two 7" singles, "He Said" and "He Said tour ed," in 2016 and 2017.

Known for their heavy, dark, and gritty sound, Sonic Wolves draws inspiration from 70’s hard rock, proto-metal, psychedelic rock, and blues, paying homage to Motorhead and Metallica while infusing a fresh and bold approach. 

Since their activities began in 2015, Sonic Wolves has played across Italy and Europe, gracing festivals like Desertfest, HEADZ UP FEST, Tube Cult, and Monolitix Fest. Vita and Kayt Vigil bring extensive experience, with guitarist Nico Nigro adding a new dimension to their evolving sound. Together, they continue to push boundaries, delivering powerful compositions that resonate with their audience.

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