Friday 24 November 2023

Bay Area heavy trio DISASTROID to release new album "Garden Creatures" on Heavy Psych Sounds this February; first track streaming now!

San Francisco heavy rockers DISASTROID announce the release of their new album "Garden Creatures" this February 23rd on Heavy Psych Sounds, and unveil the first track "Stucco Nowhere" right now!

San Francisco veterans Disastroid have been serving up sludgy, grunge-infused stoner rock for the better part of a decade now, refining a sound that weaves heavy riffs together with angular guitar lines, odd time signatures, and hazy walls of fuzz. 

As influenced by 90's noise rock as they are by modern psych, doom, and post-metal, Disastroid delivers thick, satisfying stoner rock stomp while also embracing layers of noise, tripped-out feedback, and some unpredictable song structures.

Stream new single "Stucco Nowhere" belo

Disastroid’s latest outing "Garden Creatures" is a record about the darkness in the hidden corners of suburban landscapes — sinister overgrown gardens, secret collections kept in basements, the crime just beneath the surface, the pervasive loneliness under a veneer of normalcy. Accordingly, it’s a dark and atmospheric record, trading the stripped-down approach of 2020’s Mortal Fools for a thicker, heavier, and more layered sound. 

Legendary producer Billy Anderson (Sleep, Melvins, Neurosis) builds mixes that range from dark and dreamy to a thick, sludgy crunch, slowly puling the listener through a range of sounds and textures, making sure things stay interesting. Singer/guitarist Enver Koneya's vocals are soulful and sometimes haunting, drifting above Disastroid’s characteristically off-kilter, grunge-influenced riffs.

"Garden Creatures" was recorded and produced by Billy Anderson at Sharkbite Studios. It will be issued on vinyl, CD and digital on February 23rd, with pre-orders available now via Heavy Psych Sounds.

New album "Garden Creatures" - Out February 23rd on Heavy Psych Sounds


1. Garden Creatures
2. Stucco Nowhere
3. Figurative Object
4. Backwards Sleeping
5. 24
6. Hold Me Wrong
7. Light 'Em Up
8. Jack Londonin'

Their original approach, capturd in their 2014 record “Missiles” and the 2017 follow-up “Screen”, has made them one of the most essential bands in the Bay Area music scene. Their latest, “Mortal Fools” is their heaviest and most expansive-sounding album to date. 

Produced by Tim Green (Nation of Ulysses, The Fucking Champs), it’s sonically focused on what Disastroid does best, laying singer/guitarist Enver Koneya’s deep vocals and fuzzed-out riffs on top of a relentless, pummeling rhythm section. 

At the same time, it’s loose enough that it takes some unpredictable twists and turns, conveying the band's rough edges, sense of humor, and noisy, experimental streak. The band is coming back with a brand new album in 2024 via Heavy Psych Sounds.


Enver Koneya - Guitar/Vocals
Travis Williams - Bass
Braden McGaw - Drums


Website ⎜ Facebook ⎜ Bandcamp ⎜ Instagram ⎜ Spotify


Website ⎜ Facebook ⎜ Bandcamp ⎜ Instagram ⎜ Youtube