Tuesday 28 November 2023

Doom/Stoner Metallers APTERA Release New Video For Unbearable Stain

Doom/Stoner Metallers APTERA released their acclaimed debut album You Can't Bury What Still Burns via Ripple Music in June 2022.

APTERA incorporate Doom, Thrash, Punk, Blues and Stoner grooves within their style of Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal.

APTERA are releasing their first video for their new song Unbearable Stain which you can watch below.

APTERA say this about the song:

The song 'Unbearable Stain' was written in the dark times of 2020. It's rage imploded after a traumatic experience, having no outlet but the walls of one's own room in a state of imposed isolation. Your usual shelter has become the mirror of your pain and of your deepest fears, challenging pieces of your soul you didn't know existed before - we learn they do through ache and we let this ache flow and push through all seals, like a torrent rushing wildly down to the valley. 

Feeling powerless stuck in the tormenting thought that life is just one heartbeat away to death. Forced to face it all, because you have no access to what is "ordinary life". The strength you realized you eventually have gained because you had to show up for yourself".

Thanks to Todd at Ripple Music for all of the details.


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