Wednesday 8 November 2023

KALIYUGA EXPRESS - Warriors & Masters (Album Review)

Release Date: October 20th 2023. Record Label: Riot Season Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Warriors & Masters - Tracklisting

1.Nightmare Dimensions 11:50

2.Behind The Veil 08:58

3.Endless Black Space 18:57


Mike Vest - Guitar, Synth, Mix

Otto Juutilainen - Vocals, Mix, Mastering

Ilkka Vekka - Bass, Electronics, Lyrics, Art

Ohto Pallas - Drums


Warriors & Masters is the debut album from Psychedelic/Space Rockers KALIYUGA EXPRESS which is a new collaborative project between Finnish Space Rockers Nolla and UK Psych Doom/Psych/Space Rock maestro Mike Vest. The album is focused on playing long drawn out Psychedelic and Transcendental Cosmic Rock jams inspired by Hawkwind, CAN and the Krautrock movement with trippy Middle Eastern themes soon aligning to a more Drone based sound within the early stages of the record.

The album contains three lengthy tracks which sees KALIYUGA EXPRESS forge ahead witch COSMIC creative superiority with a gloomy Noise Rock aspect that’s quite deceiving especially within the heavier moments which has a constant Monster Magnet (TAB ERA) presence with the freakout styles of the Japanese Psychedelic Rock scene. This is quite a captivating and perhaps long drawn out journey which never becomes boring and offers a different Space Rock perspective especially on the opening track Nightmare Dimensions and closing track Endless Black Space. 

Though, it’s the excellent and standout second track Behind The Veil that’s my favourite. As it has a more diverse range of sounds that’s more Stoner/Sludge Rock focused with KALIYUGA EXPRESS wickedly soulful use of Heavy Space Rock themes. The glitchy Ambient textures synths and electronic sounds are progressive and very multi-layered with Otto’s sublime vocals having quite a SHAMANIC approach. The music is constantly daring and heavy without the need for being truly dynamically HEAVY.

Warriors & Masters is deeply therapeutic and that’s down to the highly original melodic style of music that the band plays throughout the album. Echoes of 60’s Psych Rock and the sonic free-wheeling and dealing aspect of the 70’s Space Rock sound allows this album to quite forward thinking especially within the epic final track Endless Black Space which lasts near the nineteen minutes mark.

KALIYUGA EXPRESS have expertly delivered one of the most jam-packed and exciting Space Rock albums of the year and I’m hoping there’s more records to come from the band in the near future. 

Though, you can never tell with Mike Vest on board. As he’s one of the busiest musicians within the UK Underground Psych/Space Rock scene and is perhaps planning his next releases well into 2025 never mind 2024. However, I remain hopeful. As this is first rate Spaced Out entertainment from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mike Vest and Riot Season Records for the promo.

Warriors & Masters is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl via Riot Season Records.


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