Sunday 19 November 2023

Sadhus, The Smoking Community - Illegal Sludge (Album Review)

Release Date: November 17th 2023. Record Label: Ouga Booga and the Mighty Oug Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Illegal Sludge - Tracklisting

1.Mel O.D. 07:19

2.Fuckin' Apes 03:14

3.Fuck Off & Die 05:21

4.Eye on Man 05:43

5.Illegal Sludge 05:12

6.Woodman 01:44

7.Filthy Trust 05:02

8.Hold Out 05:39


Stavros – Vocals

Thomas G. – Guitars

Mak – Bass

Greg – Drums

Steve – Rolling Engineer


Sludge/Doom Metal bruisers Sadhus, The Smoking Community return from a five year slumber with their new album Illegal Sludge and it’s an ugly slice of angry fuelled Doom/Sludge Metal with the band focusing upon a more Blackened style of music with flashes of NOLA brutality appearing within the down-tuned grooves and the pissed off vocals from Stavros. 

There’s a sense of pitch-black melody within the music as the band compose a musical Thrash based stance on the early stages of the album on tracks such as Mel O.D. and Fuckin’ Apes. Sadhus, The Smoking Community show flashes of classic Thrash grooves and subtle Proto-Doom moments which allows the band to play a more atmospheric style of music which can be quite flashy even with the Pitch Black sludgy guitars dictating the action. With moments of distorted Psychedelics and screeching guitars, nothing is quite what it seems with this album.

Stavros's vocals do go through do become more Death growl based but remain quite easy to fully understand with the music becoming more chaotic and aggressive in tone. The album does retain its brutal edge with Sadhus, The Smoking Community showcasing a more daring style of music from the Greek Doom/Sludge Metal scene.

Illegal Sludge does have a nihilistic vision throughout the album with the band playing an unflinching style of music but they still offer high amounts of intense grooves to impress listeners with. 

Other standout tracks include Fuck Off & Die, Eye On Man, Illegal Sludge and Hold Out. These tracks allow Sadhus, The Smoking Community to play the heaviest and sickest sounds on the entire album that’s helped along by the flat-out intense vocals from Stavros and the killer instrumental work from Thomas G, Mak and Greg providing the real musical backbone for the album to truly shine. 

Sadhus, The Smoking Community never waiver in playing their blend of Doom Metal and Sludge Metal where the mood is seedy, sadistic, violent and bloody intense. I loved every twisted minute of this album which is backed up by superb production values that gives the overall sound of the record quite a demonic and vicious feel to stand out within the underground scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Sadhus, The Smoking Community and Viral Propaganda PR for the promo.

Illegal Sludge is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl via Ouga Booga and the Mighty Oug Records.


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