Friday 17 November 2023

Gilded Form - Gilded Form (Album Review)

Release Date: December 01st 2023. Record Label: Burning World Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

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Nick Millevoi -Guitar

Otto Kokke - Synthesizer

Rene Aquarius - Drums


Gilded Form is a Dutch/American Trio focusing upon playing Ambient, Drone, Doom, Psych and Stoner Rock with moments of Post-Rock and Progressive energy heard within their self-titled debut album. The band is made up of members of bands such as: Desertion Trio, Dead Neanderthals, Many Arms and Plaque Queen to name but a few. The album will perhaps appeal to fans such as Earth and Lorcrian with Gilded Form taking a mellower and trance based journey.

The singular forty minutes track is more of a therapeutic journey with Gilded Form playing mostly softly played and low-key moments of Instrumental Drone based Doom/Stoner Rock. Moments of Ambient Rock and Cosmic sounds are heard throughout the album with Gilded Form playing extended Drone Rock notes with a mood that goes between shades of LIGHT and DARK within the epic runtime of the track. There's a sense of a more laid-back and progressive Pink Floyd influence heard within the instrumental sounds with the band employing a more melodic and experimental sound on the later stages of the album. 

The album is quite daring with it's minimal creative attitude which sees Gilded Form focusing mostly playing a stripped back style of Doom and Stoner Rock leaning textures. The Drone aspect of the album does seem to change to a more sparse version of Cosmic Rock with a trippy Jazz Rock score that could easily be considered more Soundtrack based than Instrumental Rock. This is obviously not an album for everyone with Gilded Form playing music for a certain section of the Doom/Stoner Rock scene but the album is beautifully poetic with first rate instrumental jams, grooves and sounds being played throughout.

The final stages of the album sees Gilded Form changing into a more varied style of Ambient Post-Rock and 1980's Soundtrack science fiction themes before exploring a Classic Rock attitude with the soulful extended guitars that appear. This gives the album a different level of complexity and a riff-centric sound which was wholly unexpected but showcasing Gilded Form's unique sound to a finer degree.

This album is being released by Burning World Records which is owned by one of the founders of the legendary Roadburn Festival and that may give you more insight on what to expect on this album. Maybe I should have mentioned that sooner within the review but I wanted to give my thoughts on the album before mentioning that. That small fact aside, Gilded Form have delivered a beautiful sounding record that oozes quality from every creative angle with moments of pure instrumental poetry throughout. 

This is an exquisite journey into the more surreal and dreamlike state of the Drone/Doom/Stoner Rock scene which you don't come across often and I implore you all to check out this wonderfully engaging album when you can. Awesome stuff.

Words by Steve Howe

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Gilded Form self-titled debut album will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Burning World Records from December 01st 2023.


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