Wednesday 15 November 2023

Tusoc - Éter (Album Review)

Release Date: September 20th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Éter - Tracklisting

1.Altiplano 06:12

2.Forastero 05:20

3.Vertiente 02:04

4.Errante 05:27

5.Mítico 03:23

6.Ícaro 06:20

7.Éter 05:53

8.Poniente 01:30


Fabián Lugones: Bass

Guillermo Lambrisca: Guitar

Alberto Lugones: Drums

Fernando Morelli: Vocals


Éter is the debut album from Psychedelic/Post-Rock/Stoner Rock collective Tusoc who play a range of style mood-shifting melodies and heavy sounds that have a certain Progressive flavour to them with a mind-expanding element of Desert Rock. This allows the band to play a more Doom-centric flavour of music that's quite atmospheric but one that also rests within the Ambient Post-Rock world when the quieter moments appear. 

Tusoc weave 90's Alt-Rock surroundings and psychedelic gatherings which allows Fernando's vocals to wander into a dreamlike state with the surreal sounding instrumental jams that is primarily Post-Rock/Post-Stoner for the most part but there's a heavy and aggressive sounding Prog Metal creative philosophy on the later stages of the album.

The vocals are sung in Spanish which gives the album a more adventurous spirit when Fernando drifts into a shamanic state with the heavy gloomy guitars setting up a more surreal Desert/Stoner Rock journey on tracks such as Altiplano and Forastero. You'll be surprised how heavy this album can actually be when Tusoc add a heavier Sludge Rock vibe before returning to their dominant Post-Rock/Post-Stoner spirit. Though, Tusoc challenge themselves both with each passing moment by blending Ambient/Psychedelic themes, glitchy noises and Drone based textures before using a definitive style of Prog Metal which makes you wonder what direction will the band venture into next. 

Éter is bursting with vibrant experimental energy which allows Tusoc to offer quite a different sounding record from the South American Psychedelic Stoner Rock scene. Filled with outbursts of Classic Stoner Rock which is soon paired up against a sluggish Doom & Gloom sound that soon drifts between Psychedelic and Progressive based heaviness before returning to the familiar Post-Rock/Stoner Rock pattern the early stages of the album delivered. Tusoc focus upon playing gritty swirling sounds which hides a seedy after effect to the music with glitchy noises and digitised vocals appearing within some of the albums standout tracks such as Mitico and Ícaro.

Tusoc manages their creative time effectively throughout this album with some challenging moments of Proggish Hard Rock guitar solos which can be too freaky and funky in places but you expect that with music from the South American underground scene at times. Éter is a superbly realised debut album with Tusoc managing to so GOD DAMN original in places whilst playing familiar tropes of the Psychedelic Stoner Rock scene to keep listeners interested from start to finish.

Overall, Éter is an outlandish and deeply thrilling record with highly impressive production values that allows Tusoc to be a welcome and exciting addition to the Stoner Rock/Metal underground scene. If you want a Post-Rock/Stoner Rock record that marches to its own creative beat then Tusoc are the band for you.

Words by Steve Howe


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