Monday 6 November 2023

Psychic Trash - Psychic Trash (Album Review)

Release Date: November 17th 2023. Record Label: RidingEasy Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Psychic Trash - Psychic Trash  - Tracklisting

1.Ocean Song

2.Uncanny Valley


4.House Of Butterflies

5.Odysseys Away


Max Dameron (guit/vox)

Sam Ford (drums/vox) 


Sludge/Doom/Punk/Stoner Metal upstarts Psychic Trash maybe a new name within the underground scene. However, this band used to be known as Wizard Rifle who released some great albums within the fifteen years they were active as a band. The band are quite a different creative unit compared to their previous incarnation with Psychic Trash focusing upon a more Punk Rock and Garage Rock sound which is perhaps down to Max and Sam having relocated to Detroit.

Their self-titled album still contains many similarities to Wizard Rifle with their distorted Sludge/Stoner Metal sound being vividly Psychedelic but with a more outlandish and chaotic Punk Rock sound with hints of Motorhead-esque carnage being added for different parts of the album. The album contains five tracks with Psychic Trash showing a keen ear for distorted mayhem and surreal melodies which is captured superbly well within the opening track of Ocean Song.

Psychic Trash perhaps use their Noise Rock creative environment to act as the building blocks to deliver their manic grooves for this seriously fucked up but still brilliantly entertaining debut release. The sounds are always vivid, jagged and in some cases quite jaw-dropping considering how this band is actually a DUO. You feel there are more members in the ranks as they play at such at a LOUD VOLUME with progressive layers of chaotic Psychedelic Sludge/Stoner Metal energy. The Speed Punk or Speed Metal vibe allows the band to break out in violent and aggressive sounding guitar shredding and intense drumming.

Psychic Trash do add moments of tender based Psychedelic Rock vocals and bittersweet vocals which come into play on the outstanding second track Uncanny Valley which opens with an uplifting and heartfelt at first before Psychic Trash unleash a torrent of ugly and seedy Punk/Thrash/Sludge grooves that evokes the gritty spirit of The Melvins with the raucous Sludge Metal sounds of bands such as Red Fand and TORCHE. For certain moments, the band offer the familiar sounding Wizard Rifle themes within the more melodic parts of the track.

Psychic Trash continue to distance themselves further away from their previous incarnation with a subtle style of Sludge/Stoner Metal dominance that brings their newly found admiration of Garage Rock, Noise Rock and Punk Rock into the forefront with vivid styles of reckless guitars and scuzzy drumming becoming quite dominant on the final tracks of Underlings, House Of Butterflies and Odysseys Away.

The album does become more seedy and sinister with Psychic Trash delivering violent manic energy with their vocals but the music remains quite adventurous even with the chaotic nature of the instrumental work changing into Post-Rock stylish surroundings within the sublime fourth track House Of Butterflies. 

Psychic Trash is an easy album to follow and to fall in love with. The record has quite an addictive quality to it all even with the “Weirdo” or “Gonzo” musical up-tempo changes contained throughout the whole album. The end result is a bold, bleak, catchy and highly inventive record with a band redefining themselves for the better. 

If you’re a fan of Wizard Rifle then you’ll no doubt enjoy this brilliantly weird and expansive sounding album. The production values are quite surreal but allows Psychic Trash to have a highly original and demented presence of their own. The record has a first rate supply of neverending riffs that will leave you shaken to the core. 

Wizard Rifle maybe dead and buried but long live PSYCHIC TRASH.

Kudos to RidingEasy Records for releasing this wonderful album. Add this to your collection now. You won’t regret it. Outstanding stuff.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to RidingEasy Records for the promo.

Psychic Trash will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via RidingEasy Records from 17th November 2023.


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