Saturday 11 November 2023

Sunguine - I (Album Review)

Release Date: September 01st 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

I - Tracklisting

1.Feral Moon 05:16

2.Between Tides 06:20

3.Spindrift 07:06

4.Seaweed 02:33

5.Wormhole Lounge 06:01

6.Time Will Stop at Nothing 09:15

7.Mirage 03:32


“I” or “One” is the debut album from Croatian Solo Instrumental Psych/Doom/Stoner Rock outfit Sunguine and is quite an interesting concept with Sunguine playing a more subdued Doom/Stoner Rock sound that merges Desert Rock and Jazz for a record that can be quite laid back but isn’t afraid to offer a more heavier sound. Taking cues from bands such as Karma To Burn, Yawning Man, KYUSS and FU MANCHU with a more out there “Jazz Rock” approach which still retains that classic Californian Desert Sound.

The album does have a soundtrack feel and structure which allows Sunguine to try many different creative themes for the album which you can hear within the first few tracks of the album with Feral Moon, Between Tides and Spindrift having a wicked raw sounding Garage Rock sound. The instrumental work is always impressive though the production values can be quite ineffective in places. As the volume can be too low for certain instruments but apart from that minor complaint, Sunguine are passionate about the 90’s Desert/Stoner Rock scene.

As Sungine plays a loving homage to the genre with intense Psychedelic extended instrumental jams which becomes ever more aggressive when the Doomed Out sounds appear with Jazz based grooves being left behind slightly.The record even has plenty of pure “Chill Out” sounds where the Jazzy atmospherics briefly take over before Sunguine returns to their catchy and heavy Desert Rock surroundings.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the record is the drumming aspect of the album. As when the other instruments are playing full-on Doomed Out Stoner Rock, the drums essentially retain a more realistic Jazz delivery. They never become part of the highly destructive Stoner based atmosphere and that’s a standout moment for the whole album. As it gives this record a more realistic sound and creative vision especially on tracks such as Seaweed, Wormhole Lounge and Time Will Stop At Nothing.

Sunguine perhaps even offers complex sounding Progressive moments which showcases the finer technical details of the whole album which you may not realise when first listening to the album. This allows “I” to be quite a vivid and highly experimental release whilst delivering classic and familiar sounding Desert/Stoner Rock grooves.

This is a highly unconventional release but one that also offers a refreshing change of pace that should find a dedicated audience within the Desert/Stoner Rock underground scene.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Desert Bloom PR for the promo.

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