Saturday 21 October 2017

An Interview With Zach Wheeler From HOWLING GIANT

John Wisniewski makes his interviewing debut on Outlaws Of The Sun. His first task was to interview Zach Wheeler (Drums/Vocals) from the awesome US Psych/Stoner Rock band – Howling Giant.

Howling Giant released their new EP - Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2, earlier this year. I rated it quite highly which you can read here. Howling Giant are known for their progressive and spaced out riffs. Their last two EP's have been acclaimed from fans and critics alike within the Stoner Rock/Metal community.

Anyway John caught up with Zach recently. Here's what went down in this cool and very quick fire interview.....

Hi Zach. Could you tell us how and when Howling Giant was formed?

We met in Boston, MA while attending college and formed under the name SKLDZR. We wanted to write songs about Dungeons & Dragons, the occult, and cosmic warfare and little has changed except for the name. Once we graduated, we moved to Nashville to seek fame and fortune while liberating dive bars everywhere. 

What may inspire you to write music?

The smell of Fall, the feeling of triumph, failure, and a crisp PBR.

Could you name a few favorite albums?

Baduizm - Erykah Badu
Business As Usual - Men At Work
Rated R - Queens of the Stone Age
Leviathan - Mastodon
No World For Tomorrow - Coheed and Cambria
Fashion Nugget - Cake

Will you be playing any live dates?

We just finished a 2 week tour supporting Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2 and are planning tours for all of 2018. 

Do you enjoy playing live?

Yes, we sure do.

Any plans you may have for the future?

Continue to write and record the next instalment of the Black Hole Space Wizard series and tour until the embers of our dying planet burn out.

Are there any Howling Giant side projects?

Sarlaac Pit(Tom's mariachi side project), and My Two Uncles(Zach and Roger's party electronic band)

Are there any bands that you may like in the doom/hard psych genre, currently?

Elder, Pallbearer, Russian Circles, Evolfo

Who named the band?

Outer Space

Are you guys interested in occult subjects?

Certainly, I mean, we tour in a white hearse. "Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law."

Words by John Wisniewski and Zach Wheeler