Wednesday 18 October 2017

Gorilla Pulp - Heavy Lips (Album Review)

Release date: October 13th 2017. Label: Retro-Vox Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Heavy Lips – Tracklisting

1.Bless The Moon 04:36
2.In Your Waters 03:31
3.The Witches Twirl 03:56
4.Heavy Lips 06:11
5.Cactus Killer 04:20
6.Prey On Your Mind 04:41
7.The Low Song 05:28
8.Ape Eyes 03:09


Maurice Flee - Vox, Guitars & Lap Steels, Theremin & Talkbox
Choris - Bass, Back Vocals
Angioletto Mr. Vernati - Guitars, Back Vocals
Giorgio "Bulldozer" Pioli – Drums & Percussions
Rebecca "Becky" Magri - Vox in The Low Song


Italian Stoner/Hard Rockers - Gorilla Pulp - have quite a refreshing, loud, vibrant Stoner Rock sound. Though the band turn the mood slightly sinister throughout their new album – Heavy Lips.

Opening track - Bless The Moon - is a cool sounding desert/stoner rock song with a slight rebellious nature. Lead vocalist – Maurice – could have done with more volume into his vocals. As he's drowned out by the heavy music at times. The mood does bring back early memories of QOTSA when they were a formidable Stoner Rock presence. Gorilla Pulp injects a more classic Thin Lizzy guitar sound towards the end of the song.

Second track - In Your Waters - opens with a heavier Stoner Metal vibe before giving way to familiar sounds of Classic Rock, Psych and Blues Rock. All showing that Gorilla Pulp don't stick to one overall set sound. It's a fairly confident song with the band maybe showing off a bit too much at times. Though it doesn't stop you enjoying the overall theme of the album.

Third track - The Witches Twirl - is a powerful offering with Gorilla Pulp firmly showing their love for the classic "Twin Guitar" sound. The vocals have a doomier approach with Gorilla Pulp not holding back with the heavy music being played for your entertainment. This is perhaps as the albums "heavy metal" song that shows the band know how to bring the thunder when the time calls for it.

Other excellent songs to check out on the album are: Heavy Lips, Prey On Your Mind and Ape Eyes all showing Gorilla Pulp's talent for creating classic sounding riffs. It may not win any awards for originality but at least Gorilla Pulp are all about having fun and rocking out whilst playing some finely tuned Hard Rock/Heavy Metal riffage. The production and lead vocalist - Marucie - performance does improve as the album progresses. if you're a fan of QOTSA and Thin Lizzy then you should really check this band out now. The lyrics can be quite sleazy at times but that only adds to the overall fun of the album.

Heavy Lips is definitely worth your time and will entertain you for hours on end...

Words by Steve Howe


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