Monday 16 October 2017

The Spacelords - Water Planet (Album Review)

Release date: October 20th 2017. Label: Tonzonen Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Water Planet – Tracklisting

Plasma Thruster
Nag Kanya


Hazi Wettstein: guitar, effects -
Akee Kazmaier: bass, effects -
Marcus Schnitzler: drums, soundscapes


This is my first visit to the world of The Spacelords. I didn't know what to expect. Sure I've heard of them before but I didn't feel the urge to listen to them until now and with their epic new album - Water Planet. If you haven't heard of The Spacelords then let me fill in the blanks. The band plays a blend of Psychedelic, Space, Krautrock and Stoner Rock. Imagine a heavier and trippier of version of Hawkwind but with a truly original sound of their own.

Opening track - Plasma Thruster - propels you into The Spacelords vast and expansive sound with trippy psychedelic riffs played against a more subtle spaced out krautrock sound. The song has a beginning, middle and an end which allows the band to tell an intriguing and exciting story. Things become heavier when the band plays a more jam based sound where you can hear heavier doom/stoner riffs coming into play. The album has a vibrant and natural feel to it. With the album being primarily influenced by a Water Planet, the band creates sounds that reflect the album’s title. There is a lot of feedback placed throughout the album and that elevates The Spacelords sound to another level compared to other bands within the genre.

Second track - Metamorphosis - sees a change of direction with The Spacelords opening with moments of done style psychedelic rock. Swirls of Krautrock riffs slowly build up an eerie and cold atmosphere with The Spacelords in no rush to speed things up. Not the most exciting track on the album but definitely the most passionate. Heavier moments do appear but more sporadically compared to the other two songs on the album. 

Third track - Nag Kanya - is twenty minutes of psychedelic krautrock magic with The Spacelords confirming myself as a fan of their music. The song is played through different styles of music. As the song feels it's been broken down by individual chapters. Which is a good thing as it allows The Spacelords to create some of the albums most psychedelic and experimental moments.

The thing I admire the most about this album is how The Spacelords stick to the main theme and title of the album. Water Planet resonates on so many different levels. If you're already a fan of The Spacelords then you will no doubt love what is on offer here. First time listeners will be thrilled by the different styles and genres of music on offer.

The production on the album is first rate. As you feel part of the action and your mood will change along with the tone and atmosphere of the album. Maybe the band play it safe sometimes with certain sounds on the album but they have the intelligence to play something bolder and even more radical compared to other bands of their ilk.

Water Planet is not only an album to admire and cherish, but one to fully lose yourself in.

Words by Steve Howe

Water Planet will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Tonzonen Records from October 20th 2017.