Sunday 8 October 2017

ANCIENT VVISDOM - 33 (Album Review)

Release date: October 13th 2017. Label: Argonauta Records (CD) / Magic Bullet Records (DD) / DHU Records (Vinyl). Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

33 – Tracklisting

1.Ascending Eternally
2.Light of Lucifer 02:36
3.In the Name of Satan
4.True Will
5.The Infernal One
6.Summoning Eternal Light
7.Rise Fallen Angel
9.The Great Beast 04:09
11.Dispelling Darkness


Nathan “Opposition” Jochum - vocals, acoustic guitar, kick drum
Michael Jochum - guitar, back up vocals
Connor Metsker - bass.


Greetings all,
October sees the release of the brand new album from masterful occult rockers Ancient VVisdom entitled 33. I believe this to be the band's fourth record. 33 shows the band in peak form mesmerizing listeners with an unrelenting brand of acoustic/folk occult rock. The band uses a stunning array of styles throughout this album. When listening to Ancient VVisdom you are almost immediately reminded of another occult rock powerhouse. The mighty Ghost, there are some definite similarities between the two, however Ancient VVisdom uses far less theatrics and a more straight forward approach. There is a dare I say almost 90's alt rock feel to many songs on the album.
Ascending Eternally starts off with a brief instrumental piano and drone track. Light of Lucifer opens with a folky guitar swing and is a gravelly sung piece of rock perfection. In the Name of Satan is another acoustic driven track that has a slightly cleaner sound and a definite stomp. True Will is without a doubt one of the best rock songs I have heard in a while. It delivers the bands mantra with one of the most serious ear worms possible. No lie, I have sung this song to myself for weeks with no end in sight. The Infernal One is the first real heavy song on the record, opening with an electric guitar riff that kills. Summong Eternal Light is a nearly entirely instrumental track with a heavy emphasis on the bands guitar sound. Rise Fallen Angel is by far the most rocking track on the record owing to the sounds of Danzig or Type O Negative. Another brutally killer track. The next song is the title track, 33, and the song on the album that has that 90's alt rock feel. It is distorted and catchy, a real winner. The Great Beast is a return to the more acoustic feel of the first part of the record. Lux is a somber, almost lilting acoustic number that leads in to the closer, off kilter tinkling piano outro of Dispelling Darkness.
While the subject matter may be considered dark by some. I don't hear it. 33 is a Joyous, Love filled record delivered by a passionate group of musicians and is an impressive array of life affirming rock. If you are searching for something different, I would highly recommend giving Ancient VVisdom a try. You will not be disappointed.
Todd S
Words by Todd Stealey - Instagram @alltheghoststhathauntyou

Thanks to NeeCee Agency for the promo. 33 will be available to buy on CD via ArgonautaRecords, Vinyl via DHU Records and Digital Download via Magic Bullet Records. All from October 13th 2017.


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