Saturday 28 October 2017

Eternal Elysium - Searching Low & High (Album Review)

Release date: October 27th 2017. Label: RobustFellow Prods. Format: CD/DD

Searching Low & High (2017 Reissue) – Tracklisting

1.Reefer Happiness 05:48
2.Not So Far 06:24
3.Hazy Sublime 01:42
4.Twilight High 05:46
5.Approaching Stranger On The Electric Trail Of Dreams 02:29
6.No Isolation 06:47
7.Before The Morning Comes 06:26
8.Green Song 16:49
9.Eternal Elysium (Bonus Track) 13:53
10.The Spiral Conclusion (Bonus Track) 06:58


Yukito Okazaki - guitar, vocal
Tana Haugo - bass, vocal
Antonio Ishikawa - drums


Japanese Psychedelic Doom Rock band - Eternal Elysium - may not have the same international fame as Boris or Church Of Misery but they're still a majorly important band for Japanese Psych, Stoner Rock and Doom Metal music in general. They've released a wide range of different albums over their twenty six year career. Their most famous and most acclaimed album is perhaps their 2005 album and fourth overall. Searching Low & High.

This album showed the band exploring heavier and progressive sounds with an equal focus on psychedelic rock as well. The album has been released on CD and Vinyl over the years. You can buy copies of the album on eBay and other websites for extortionate prices. Now the album is being reissued via RobustFellow Prods and their first release on their Robust Relics imprint.

What's so different to this version of the album compared to the original? Well the album has been digitally remastered and remixed by lead guitarist/vocalist Yukito Okazaki for a fresher and more dynamic sound. This version has two new tracks that were only featured on the vinyl version. This is perhaps the most complete version of the album that has been released to date.

I'm going to do a brief review of this album. As it's my fave album from Eternal Elysium.

Searching Low & High shows a band creating their most definitive work. As they explore different sounds such as Prog Rock and merge it with their familiar trippy psych based Doom/Stoner Metal sound. Songs such as Reefer Happiness, Not So Far, Twilight High, No Isolation and the epic Green Song show Eternal Elysium's passion for creating a classic sounding Stoner Metal album that has influences from bands such as Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Cream and Grand Funk Railroad. The mood can be extremely heavy at times though the band are wise enough to experiment with their music. As there are moments where the band opt for a more "Jam" driven style of Doom/Stoner Rock.

The album still sounds remarkably fresh despite being released originally twelve years ago. The two bonus tracks - Eternal Elysium and The Spiral Conclusion - are a welcome addition to an already classic album. I've heard rough versions of these songs on YouTube but never have they sounded as good as this. As both of these tracks sound more vibrant and even spaced out at times.

If you're new to the world of Eternal Elysium then don't go expecting a straight forward Doom/Stoner Metal album. As Searching Low & High is anything but. This is an album that pulls a few surprises along the way that you wouldn't expect. Some parts of the album have been influenced by jazz style progressive beats and that allows the Doom/Stoner Metal vibes to be more psychedelic.

Searching Low & High can be considered a masterpiece of the genre. The album deserves to be considered as such as it is such a different sounding album now compared to the original. Now the album is finally receiving the "deluxe" treatment that it richly deserves.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to RobustFellow Prods for the promo. Searching Low & High is available to buy now here.