Friday 6 October 2017

Aspid Orkesträ - 7 horizontes (Album Review)

Release date: September 25th 2017. Label: Necio Records. Format: CD/DD

Aspid Orkesträ - 7 horizontes – Tracklisting

1.Aspid Orkesträ - 7 horizontes 40:04


Camilo Uriarte - guitar, solos, rhythms, noise
Arturo Quispe Velarde - guitar, keyboard, solos, rhythms, noise & direction
Jonathan Castro - guitar, loops, rhythms, feedbacks & noise
Israel Tenor - bass, noise
Danny Caballero (A.K.A Paruro) - Synthesizers and space frecuencies
Juan Camba - drums and percussion


I'm still deciding if I actually understand this album. As it's a very hard album to listen to. Even after multiple listens, I'm still trying to find an emotional connection with the record. Aspid Orkesträ - 7 horizontes is one epic 40 minute song that incorporates elements of Jazz, Psych, Space Rock and Stoner Rock for one truly one mind-expanding ride.

The album starts slowly with the band playing a wide range of psychedelic sounds that have a hint of Oriental/Drone style rhythms being added at different times. I cannot really fault the instrumental work as all the band members make their presence known. The band feel they take influence from bands such as Hawkwind, Blown Out and even Monster Magnet (TAB era).

There are some fantastic heavy moments that instantly draw you into the experimental nature of the album. Though this only lasts a few moments as the band change the overall tone and direction of the album that could make the listener lose interest. It's not a bad record at all. Far from it. It's a very good album indeed. This album is perhaps more suited to the more experienced and committed Psychedelic Rock fan.

If you're looking for something different and more experimental then Aspid Orkesträ - 7 horizontes could be the album for you.

Words by Steve Howe