Wednesday 8 May 2024

Blues Rock/Doom Metallers WIZDOOM Release New Single And Video For SONG OF THE UNHEARD

The new Wizdoom track ’Song Of The Unheard’ is available now!

A dark song, inspired by the Swedish ”Myling”, this is probably our heaviest song so far!

This new release is pure epic doom I would say, we went a little bit slower and darker than before. Personally I really like this new direction, the lyrics are still inspired by old Swedish creatures and stories, but I think the vocals and lyrics came alive very well with this darker sound. As I’m also a big fan of epic doom like Candlemass, I really enjoy this new song and I can’t wait to play it live on the road in the next few weeks!” - Chris. D

Watch here or below:
Stream here:


9/5 SWE, Örebro - Kvarteret & Co (Bakgården)
10/5 SWE, Trollhättan - Backstage Rockbar
11/5 SWE, Motala - Bomber Bar Motala
18/5 UK, London - Desertfest London
25/5 SWE, Hagfors - Uddeholmsladan

Wizdoom previously released its debut EP ‘Trolldoom’ in 2023.

Stream here:
Watch 'Doomed Fleet' Music video:
Watch 'Way Of The Lost' Music video:
Watch 'Engrave' Lyric video:

YouTube: @wizdoomofficial

WIZDOOM is the spark of Chris David (Majestica, Therion live, ex-Captain Crimson) as how Blues/Doom Metal sound in his head. Inspired by fellow wizards Candlemass, Witchcraft, and Joe Bonamassa, WIZDOOM crosses over stoner, sludge, and the traditional in honor of the creators of this Doom Blues that today we call Metal.

Thanks to Chris at Moving Air Music for all of the details.