Saturday 25 May 2024

METY HEAVAL - Hyperdrive Of Delusion (EP Review)

Release Date: May 21st 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Altered States: Tracklisting

1. Hyperdrive of Delusion 15:03

Band Members

Florian Dannenberg - guitars, vocals, organ

Markus Hanft - drums

Thorben Vehling - bass

Gregor Ziensky - guitars


Hyperdrive Of Delusion is the debut release from German Doom/Stoner Rock band METY HEAVAL who focus upon a more cerebral style of storytelling that weaves Prog Rock, Doom Metal and Stoner Metal influences with the sounds of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Hard Rock movement. The singular track runs for around fifteen minutes in length but is actually five tracks joined up as one epic track.

The EP is broken down into the following individual chapters:

a: 0.03 - thrust

b: 3.00 - misdirected missile

c: 6.23 - like a diamond

d: 8.44 - rising on the morning

e: 12.23 - open space

METY HEAVAL play different styles of Psychedelic Doom which has a slightly destructive Stoner Metal energy with a free-flowing Prog Metal narrative appearing within the lyrics and the excellent vocals from Florian that are never too outlandish or over the top. Florian’s vocals have a timeless quality to them and sound like they could have fit right in from any era from the Heavy Metal world from over the last fifty years or so even when they become more abrasive along the way.

The actual track itself is quite bold and deeply adventurous especially when METY HEAVAL goes off course and develops into a more experimental Prog Metal or Doom Metal sound. The atmosphere is quite LO-FI with a real DIY creative energy appearing on the later stages of the track. 

Hyperdrive Of Delusion is a startlingly original track which shows many different sides to METY HEAVAL and I feel that we still have only heard a small glimpse into the bands surreal world which will perhaps be told further on future releases that their BandCamp page mentions:

“METY HEAVAL "Hyperdrive of Delusion", "To Insanity and Beyond", "Off the Universe" are concept records in episodic format that feature compositions spanning around 15 minutes. Songs made up of songs. Songs that create the feeling of putting on a record while you're on the road.”

On this evidence alone from Hyperdrive Of Delusion I’m quite excited to hear what METY HEAVAL has in store for future releases. Their debut release is a fantastic EP that should impress the Doom/Stoner Rock community within time and perhaps allow the band to build up a loyal and dedicated following.

Words by Steve Howe


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