Saturday 11 May 2024

DÄTCHA MANDALA - Koda (Album Review)

Release Date: April 26th 2024. Record Label: DM Prod, Take It Easy, Discos Macarras. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Koda  - Tracklisting

1.She Said 03:30

2.Koda 03:42

3.The Wanderer 04:16

4.Om Namah Shivaya 04:40

5.Syndrome of Laborious Optimism 00:53

6.Wild Fire 03:39

7.Love Myself 04:15

8.Thousand Pieces 02:53

9.It's Not Only Rock'n'Roll (and we don't like it) 03:26

10.Julietta 03:08

11.Homeland 04:47

Band Members

Nicolas Sauvey – vocals, bass

Jérémy Saigne – guitar, vocals

Jean-Baptiste Mallet – drums, vocals


French Blues/Psych/Stoner Rock outfit DÄTCHA MANDALA return with their third album Koda that has a fresh Garage Rock sound compared to their previous releases. The album is highly energetic with its infectious Stoner Rock sounds and melodic Blues Rock energy which captures a Classic Rock sound with a soulful rebellious attitude.

Taking cues from bands such as QOTSA and CLUTCH but DÄTCHA MANDALA perhaps add a Commercial Rock aspect to their overall sound which is still quite satisfying with the constant Hard Rock attitude spliced throughout the entire album. The vocals are clean and quite “pop” in places but the instrumental grooves the band lay down on the album gives DÄTCHA MANDALA a more aggressive personality.

The lyrics are tinged with real emotion which perhaps could be inspired by bands such as The Who, Foo Fighters and even Led Zepp especially on the earlier tracks such as She Said, Koda and The Wanderer.

The other good aspect of the album is that DÄTCHA MANDALA lean quite heavily into more areas of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with echoes of Motorhead and Black Sabbath making a more dominant appearance to give the band more credibility with the heavier underground scene. This allows Koda to be quite a hard album to place under and it’s even the better for it.

DÄTCHA MANDALA throw in twisted Psychedelic noises and frenzied guitars on other tracks such as Om Namah Shivaya, Wild Fire, Love Myself and the standout rebellious track It's Not Only Rock'n'Roll (and we don't like it). There’s a deep sense of DÄTCHA MANDALA love and respect for the British and American Hard Rock scene within the record which sees the band switch to multiple different styles of music for the majority of the songs.

The music is always LOUD and BOISTEROUS with moments of wild originality on the heavier and aggressive parts of the album. DÄTCHA MANDALA have released their standout album to date and one that will gain them a whole legion of new followers. With first rate production values, Koda is knockout entertainment from start to finish.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

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