Friday 10 May 2024

London-based Doom Trio OLD HORN TOOTH Usher in New Album and Single MOURNING LIGHT

London-based Doom Trio OLD HORN TOOTH Usher in New Album and Single MOURNING LIGHT

Last heard slinging low slung fuzzed-out doom on their 2019 album, From The Ghost Grey Depths, this July will see the official worldwide release of Mourning Light, the brand-new studio album from London-based trio, Old Horn Tooth.


For any fans of the genre that have stalked the capital in recent years, chances are London Doom Collective has supplied you with ample opportunity to sample some of the finest underground bands in a live setting. Since 2020 – Ollie, Chris Jones, Mark Davidson, and Sean Durbin – have flexed their DIY muscle as friends, promoters, and three-quarter members of Old Horn Tooth to devastating effect. Now, with the band’s new album on the horizon, they finally turn their hand toward a new endeavour, releasing music on vinyl.


“Putting out a record ourselves through London Doom Collective is our own personal statement of independence,” explains bassist, Ollie Isaac. “It’s a testament to the power of the underground and a direct connection with the scene, people and international doom community that has supported, guided and helped us grow.”


Often drawing comparisons to the likes of Conan and Monolord, Old Horn Tooth are a stirring colossus that offer up hypnotic, megaton grooves of slow heavy riffage in thrall to the cosmos. As Outlaws of the Sun describe, “You can’t but help being swept by the sheer heaviness and excitement of it all.”


New single and the title track for Mourning Light is a perfect case in point. Serving as an epic fifteen-minute jaunt into the sinister undertones of doom it’s the centrepiece to a startling collection of new songs. All of which navigate the complexities of grief and the resilience of the human spirit.


“This particular song explores the bittersweet memories and hidden sadness accompanying loss, while also offering glimpses of potential hope in the ‘mourning light’. Through its journey from bleak despair to the final acceptance, it encapsulates a shared sorrow and solace in vulnerability.”


Due for release on 5th July 2024, Mourning Light can be pre-ordered via London Doom Collective here. The album will also be accompanied by the release of a limited-edition tape from Norway’s Evil Noise Recordings (here) and an exclusive beer in collaboration with Black Iris Brewery (here).


Old Horn Tooth


Chris Jones – Guitars, Vocals

Mark Davidson - Drums, Griefcase.

Ollie Isaac – Bass


Live Dates


24th May – Ashford (w/Clouds Taste Satanic)

31st May – Winchester (w/Dead Witches)

24th August – Cambridge (w/The Grey)

25th August – Cosmic Vibration Fest, Sheffield

28th September – Riffolution Fest, Manchester

16th November – Tonehenge, Kent


Track Listing


1. Precipice

2. No Salvation

3. Mourning Light [Listen]

4. Invisible Agony


Artist: Old Horn Tooth

Title: Mourning Light

Label: London Doom Collective

Format: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 05/07/2024




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