Thursday 23 May 2024

German Stoner Doomsters VAST PYRE Sign to Octopus Rising; First Single Out Now

Vast Pyre - German Stoner/Doom band signs with Octopus Rising to release their debut full-length album.

The band comments about the signing: "Folks, we're super stoked to unbolt the crate and ignite our very first outcome in cooperation with ARGONAUTA/OCTOPUS RISING. It's great news to have found a partner with whom we feel in good hands. We're looking forward to the future as a band and the partnership as well. BEHOLD THE NIGHTTIME."

Today also marks the release of a new single as a huge appetizer for the coming album. The track's title is "Focus Deceased," now available here: 

In the end of 2021 Försti (guitar) and Wally (drums, vocals) were in the mood and got together to jam some Stoner/Doom tunes from Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Sleep etc. and hanging out from time to time. Genre-specific, they knew what they wanted. After some sessions and finding the right sound, they concentrated on writing their own songs - a few ideas got discarded. Bit by bit, they extended their backline/equipment in the rehearsal room, because they needed to add more low-end to the guitar. In the end, there was a huge backline that drove their sound and they decided to not put in any bass-guitar as an instrument separately: they just wanted to make "guitar-only" music. 

Later, their friend Jonny (lead guitar) joined the band at the end of 2022. Henceforth, the songs were rearranged and fine tuned. In August 2023 Vast Pyre opened for the Festival "Burgbrand Open Air" and shared the stage with bands like EREMIT and INDIAN NIGHTMARE, to name just a few. That should be the only concert they played that year, because first they wanted to record/mix their stuff, what they eventually did from November 2023 to February this year.

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Thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion for all of the details.