Friday 17 May 2024

French Post-Metal quartet HOMECOMING on tour now! New album 'Those We Knew' available on Copper Feast Records.

Photo credit Fab William Alexander.

Progressive metal/post-metal foursome HOMECOMING's tour across France, the UK and Belgium kicks off today in Lille. They will defend their recently released album 'Those We Knew' - out on British imprint Copper Feast Records.

HOMECOMING's well-honed personality brilliantly fuses grunge, 90s rock and progressive metal. New album Those We Knew highlights remarkable vocal work that guides the listener through various musical tableaux. The vocals adapt to the moods and unite the tracks, tying together the influences. Discovering ‘Those We Knew’, we can easily imagine Alice In Chains featuring Tool or Cult Of Luna. The gloomy, heavy, sometimes hushed 90s tones collide with endless imagination, peppered by ethereal atmospheres, enticing introspection.

TOUR DATES - info & tickets

17.05 FR LILLE, La Bulle Café
18.05 FR PARIS, Le Klub
30.05 UK BOURNEMOUTH, Bears Cave
31.05 UK BRISTOL, The Gryphon
01.06 UK ROTHERHAM,The Hive
02.06 UK LONDON, Signature Brew
01.07 FR PARIS, Supersonic
12.07 BE BRUXELLES, Café Central
13.07 BE HASSELT, Cafe Nocturna

“Elements recognizable from the likes of Mastodon, Neurosis...” - The Obelisk

“Mind-Blowing. The skill of the musicians, the gift of the singer, the sound dynamics are of a high level” - Doom Charts

“A brilliant and technically minded band” - Outlaws Of The Sun

“It is an absolute stunner of an album,
each of the six songs tells a different story” - Metal Epidemic

“Aesthetic and enjoyable” - Ever Metal

“A stunning blend of so many different sounds that it’s amazing they can put it
all together in such a comprehensive manner” - Heavy Music HQ

"The guitars pour out devastating riffs when it's not a more progressive work" - Music In Belgium

Since 2017, Parisian post-metal quartet HOMECOMING experiment as much as they navigate between different styles, drawing inspiration from sludge, grunge, 90s alt-rock and progressive metal. The key to the success of this unlikely fusion? Unfailing coherence, underpinned by a miracle recipe: blistering riffs, melodious or ultra-violent vocals, out-of-control drums, and a whole arsenal of better-than-average ideas that help to create an outstanding soundscape.

HOMECOMING's ambitious debut album, aptly titled "LP01", was released in December 2019 on a self-production basis. Spotted by tour promoter Hello Euphoria, the quartet crossed the French borders, hitting the roads of Europe until arriving on the stages of leading heavy music festival Desertfest London (in May 2023). Shortly after, they sign to UK label Copper Feast Records for the release of their second studio effort, 'Those We Knew' on April 19th 2024. The whole thing is off to a flying start.


Théo Alves Guiter: vocals, guitar
Renaud Fumey-Seguy: guitar,  backing vocals
Basile Chevalier: bass
Theo Giotti "Atc De Giotto": drums


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